SAP Business One for Abattoirs

Software designed specifically for abattoirs that solve all the common problems associated with running an abattoir

Using technology in abattoirs to improve productivity and increase profit margins

Bluekey Seidor is an Associate Member of the RMAA & provides a Abattoir Software solution to South African abattoirs that caters for key processes that are specific to the abattoir industry, such as Financial Management, Slaughter Planning, Grading, Supplier Account Processing, Billing, Transfers, Deboning, wholesale, Point of Sale and operational reporting.

SAP Business One for Abattoirs allows for the full automation of business processes, detailed, real-time and configurable reporting, improved security through approvals and alerts, integration with current platforms – meaning there is no manual processes or syncing between platforms, and accurate, reliable stock management.

Key processes catered for within the SAP Business One Abattoir software:

  • Financial Management
  • Slaughter Planning
  • Grading
  • Supplier Account Processing
  • Billing
  • Transfers
  • De-Boning
  • Wholesale
  • Point of Sale
  • Operational reporting

See the SAP Business One Abattoir in action

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According to Clyde Langenberg, financial manager of Ramburg Beef, ‘There were three areas we wanted to address to take our business to the next level. Traceability of stock (from feedlot to retailer), improved access to information and a fully integrated production, sales and accounting system.’ No traceability of production and sales systems meant that management was unable to gain accurate and real-time data to make informed business decisions. Manual integration and spreadsheets between the company and the software also took up valuable manpower and opened the door for human error. Their technological transformation came in the form of SAP Business One for Abattoirs – a product developed by SAP from the ground up specifically for the needs and requirements of SME’s, and implemented by Bluekey Seidor South Africa. Improved stock management, full financial integration, complete stock/sales traceability, reduced requirement for manual inputs, and real-time reporting were some of the benefits experienced by Ramburg Beef. ‘When looking at the cost implications of not having these processes in place, it quickly became clear that we made the correct decision. The way we see it is better control = improved productivity = increased sales,’ Langenberg notes.