Using integrated technology to achieve rapid & sustainable growth.

When running a business, there are certain key elements that determine the success and growth opportunity for a company. These elements determine the strength and sustainability of the business in the long term, and should be properly managed and prioritised as they are a source of endless opportunity and potential for a firm. These include: skilled staff, efficient systems, healthy cash flow, strong customer relationships and staff loyalty. As a business owner, it can be quite a challenge to efficiently manage each of these elements as well as ensure the smooth day-to-day running of each operational function. An integrated business management system, such as SAP Business One, has the capability to facilitate major growth for businesses through streamlined processes and greater organisational control. Having the correct systems in place assists in optimising processes and enhancing efficiencies, making it possible to easily expand into new regions, markets, countries or expand product offerings.

Do you want to find out how to accelerate your business growth?

“What used to take several days can now be done in a matter of minutes. It pleases  me to know that we will never have to invest in any other product again. SAP Business One is one of the foundations on which we will grow our business into the future.”

Tienie Jordaan – Financial Director for Coopers Environmental Science

“Seven years ago we implemented SAP Business One. We’ve had a growth of nearly 30% in our sales turnover.”

Puneet Walia – Financial Controller for Vaja’s Manufacturers Ltd

“SAP Business One is something which can take us through the expansion and business growth plans that we have.”

Virendra Nagori – Financial Controller for Coastal Bottlers Ltd.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One has the power to boost organisational wealth by making the business run smarter, run faster and run better. Having the correct systems in place creates the ability and platform to grow and increase organisational wealth for the business. Some of the key benefits of SAP Business One include:

  • Built with flexibility in mind, SAP Business One grows with your business and can adapt to your business’ changing needs
  • Accurate data  and real-time reporting provides unparalleled insight into opportunities for growth
  • Processes and systems are streamlined, which frees up time for business owners to strategise and plan for accelerate growth
  • Employees have more time to focus on their role as admin tasks can be automated. This results in employees doing more value-adding tasks and meaningful work that contribute towards the company’s growth objectives
  • Key business functionalities are integrated, which strengthens the daily operations to handle increased orders and customer management
  • Efficient warehouse management enables stock to be dispatched timeously, while ensuring that stock or raw materials is automatically replenished.
  • Demand matches supply, and therefore stock-outs are less likely to occur.



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