Apparel, Fashion and Footwear ERP

360 degree business software for apparel, fashion and footwear businesses

Increase controls with a single, integrated, affordable, flexible, proven and internationally recognised apparel, fashion & footwear ERP solution.

Every new year and every new season, customers and suppliers can be difficult to predict; they shift their focus and market needs change. But you can respond just as quickly when you’ve got all of your critical business information in one basket and available at the click of a button. Our apparel, fashion & footwear ERP gives you just that. With SAP based software for smaller businesses, SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP, you can easily access your company’s data in real time, with specialised tools and advanced reports. You can see sales, operations, and financial data wherever you are, day or night. Workflow-based alerts set up in SAP Business One let you focus on what’s important to you. SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP has everything a small to mid size apparel manufacturer or importer needs to take their business to the next level.

SAP Business One Apparel and Footwear Solution

Apparel, fashion & footwear ERP features:

SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP allows managers and employees to access and use information more effectively so they can make smart and educated business decisions. The comprehensive apparel, fashion & footwear ERP solution covers all the core functions necessary to run your business successfully, as well as some additional features that will further benefit your business.

Business Administration

Financial Accounting -- Handles all financial transactions, including general ledger, account setup and maintenance, journal entries, foreign currency adjustments, and budgets

Bank Transactions -- Takes care of all financial processing such as cash receipts, cheque writing, deposits, advance payments, credit card payments, and bank reconciliation

Sales and Distribution -- Helps you create price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update stock balances, and manage all invoices and accounts receivable

Purchasing -- Manages and maintains vendor contracts and transactions, including issuing purchase orders, updating in-stock numbers, calculating the value of imported items, handling returns and credits, and processing payments

Outlook integration -- Integrates with Microsoft Outlook so employees can synchronise calendars, contacts, and tasks

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales Opportunity Management -- With apparel, fashion and footwear ERP you can manage the entire sales process through all the different sales stages. Track sales opportunities and activities, analyse their outcome, and forecast revenue potential. You can monitor and analyse sales opportunities using dashboards and sales reports

Web-based Customer Management -- With the web CRM solution extension you can give your sales team secure access to customer data over the web wherever they are. Provide a web-based interface to your customers so they can log inquiries and check order status-all in real-time

Customer Service and Support -- Allow your customer service and support team to administer customer warranty, service contracts, manage service calls, and track all customer interaction activities, within a single solution

Business Partner Management -- Manage master data for your resellers and channel partners to track sales leads and opportunities, including profiles, contact summaries, account balances, and sales pipeline analyses

Service Management -- Enable service operations, contract management, service planning, tracking of customer interaction and customer support

Operations & Distribution

Sales and Delivery -- Season and off-season order entry can be a painful process for in-fashion companies. SAP Business One Apparel & Footwear allows users to run single-store, multi-store or prepacks using a flexible horizontal matrix entry. Generate price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update stock levels, report on customers’ current balances, and manage all billing and accounts receivable

Purchasing -- Manage and maintain your vendor contracts and transactions, including the issue of purchase orders, updates to stock quantities, calculations for the value of imported items, returns and credits, and payment processing

Inventory Management -- In textile, apparel, and footwear companies, SKU and Bill of Material complexity is a challenge that you face across your supply chain systems. Handle inventory levels, item management, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses, and stock transactions-all via integration with other processes like sales and purchasing

Tracking stock – Transfer items between warehouses, enabling consignment, drop-ship, and other orders; and perform inventory and cycle counts

Product Lifecylcle Management

SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP Product Lifecycle Management’s collaborative suite of applications facilitates the management of products, from design through to production. It enables you to keep up with trends and innovations whilst maintaining control and integration in SAP Business One.

Product Data Management (PDM) Product Data Management in SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP is for product-centric businesses that need to maintain, store, and use large amounts of product-related data across the company’s processes. Manage images, colours, materials, POMs, Sketches, concepts, documentation and images can be added to the style from a file or an existing drawing tool.

Manage raw materials and labour for costing

Add point of measures based on templates Once the style, cost and pricing are approved you can generate SKU information directly from the product data management.

Season and collection planning -- Have the visibility of the design process that you need in order to merchandise new collections at the beginning of each season.

Sourcing -- This module provides advanced costing functionality by size and colour with fully configurable costing scenarios and comparisons. Costing quotes can be requested from different vendors and compared for optimal costing scenario approval.

Sales Force Automation

The SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP solution allows you to use the web to grow revenue and increase your service offering to your customers. The SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP solution also offers web access for your sales employees, users and representatives which enables them to enter and track orders, shipments, invoices, access customer data as well as style information to insure your customers always have the latest season styles available. The web shop experience allows customers to pick styles, colours, and variables in a flexible web store.

Fashion Book

In the fashion industry, the immediacy and accuracy of the collection can make all the difference. The SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP fashion book presentation -- controlled entirely by merchandising staff at the fashion house-delivers accurate collection information from the apparel, fashion & footwear ERP solution, including style and colour options and inventory availability. This information is presented to the customer in a visually appealing, highly intuitive style on an iPad or any mobile device platform.


Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – MRP in our apparel, fashion & footwear ERP manages materials through a wizard-based process that enables users to define a planning scenario and predict demands based on forecasts.

Warehouse Management – Inventory levels, item management, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses, and stock transactions are all covered in the SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP solution.

MRPII and Production for different Strategies / Organisations -- The manufacturing functions include specific strategies / functions for materials management such as order and stock-related production, mixed and variant production as well as the necessary functions for the appropriate production planning and execution of manufacturing orders.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) -- APS is used for detailed business planning if order times, lead times, transition periods, capacity allocations, and availability of resources are critical parameters in the value creation process. A high level of transparency is achieved by the graphical visualization and comparison of all activities with resources.

Reporting – SAP Business One apparel, fashion & footwear ERP allows you to create reports for almost every aspect of your business, including customer and supplier debt, sales, cash flow, customer-contact summaries, bookkeeping, warehouse stock, financial statements, pricing, customer activity and more.

Retail Management

Operating in the fast paced retail environment, your retail business demands a software solution to process your sales efficiently. The SAP Business One Retail Management solution offers retailers in any environment the opportunity to maximise efficiency and speed at checkout. The comprehensive, fully integrated solution has built in flexibility to offer single-or multi-site and single-or multi-terminal capability. The power of rapid processing and ease-of-use allows your business to focus on customer needs. Peace-of-mind benefits are the outcome of a functional system that does not place extra overhead or burden on your business, but rather gives you the opportunity to focus on profitability. SAP Business One Retail Management brings the retail aspects of your operation together and provides you with a 360 degree view of your business. Real-time integration and reporting allows business managers to make quick and informed decisions, as all critical business information is instantly accessible. Standard reports are available and accessible and can be previewed on screen, printed or exported to Excel, Word and other applications. Whether your business operates using cash, credit or a combination of systems, the availability of information will reveal trends and give you the competitive advantage.