Building on our established reputation for excellence, Bluekey is dedicated to the professional implementation of SAP Business One. SAP Business One is an affordable and easy-to-use solution designed to address the specific needs of emerging and dynamically growing businesses in the Small to Medium-sized enterprise (SME) market. The company is founded on the value proposition that a successful implementation of SAP Business One brings real and tangible benefits to business owners, driving efficiency, profitability and growth at the same time as providing managerial control and 360′ visibility of the business.


As an SAP Business One Partner, Bluekey is entrusted with the task of configuring the SAP Business One software to our customers’ business needs. By ensuring the correct fit, interacting with appropriate technology, reviewing and streamlining business processes, educating staff, and involving our clients in every step, we ensure thorough and effective implementations!


Our directors jointly have in excess of 60 years of hands-on experience in the SME market. With over 185 implementations, both locally and internationally, and through the implementation of our proven project management methodologies, we are uniquely qualified to deliver the right SAP Business One solution, on-time and within budget.


Unlike accounting software, which focuses specifically on the financial aspects of a business, SAP Business One provides integrated functionality that encompasses all aspects of the business. Bluekey delivers the benfits of superior technology, best-practices, affordability, and business process integration…fast!