Alchemex for SAP Business One saves CP Group 60 hours a month


Communication Products, a leading ICT solutions provider, recently implemented ‘Alchemex for SAP Business One’ to improve efficiencies in reporting across the organisation.


Company introduction

Communication Products Group was established in 1990, incorporating Communication Products, Handset Solutions and Kalula Communications, and the group is the sole authorised importer of Plantronics communication headsets into southern Africa. Communicating is an essential part of people’s social and business lives. Plantronics headsets enhance this communication, providing phone and computer users’ greater mobility, comfort and productivity – whether at work, in the car or at home.


As the industry leader for more than 40 years, and as the only company dedicated solely to designing and manufacturing headsets, Plantronics has the most extensive headset expertise across a full range of communication segments. Plantronics product portfolio includes headsets for cordless and mobile phones, for computers, for small to medium-size offices, the enterprise and the contact centre markets.


Challenges faced

As the CP Group grew in prominence, it became crucial to have a structured system integrating the three companies and their various functions. For this they chose SAP Business One, successfully implemented by leading implementation partner, Bluekey Software Solutions. It was necessary to ensure flexible, scheduled and secure access to all relevant information, distributed at the right time to the right people across the organisation. This had proved challenging with their resident reporting tool.


Existing systems were too complicated and required a programmer to create the required reports and consolidations. Further, this information needed to be delivered to a familiar desktop environment like Excel, but at the same time eliminating “loose Excel spreadsheet use” to guarantee data integrity. Although SAP Business One, like most other ERP applications, comes with a host of standard reports, they very seldom cater for the specific needs of the business. This is why the CP Group chose ‘Alchemex for SAP Business One’ to cater for their diverse information requirements. (



It was important to define what was required so that the Alchemex implementation was efficient and value could be obtained instantly. A significant portion of the requirements were available through the standard reports for SAP Business One and the rest were configured through the user-friendly interface supporting total flexibility and consolidations, from multiple data sources.



“The Alchemex implementation has produced valuable consolidated management reports across our three companies,” says¬†Nielle Truter, Financial Manager of Communication Products. “Alchemex is easy to use; I have been able to customise 30 new reports across sales, stock, general administration and finance over and above the valuable reports that come standard with Alchemex for SAP Business One. This is because the environment is user-friendly and the output is in Excel, so I am able to take advantage of native Excel skills to format and distribute my information as I choose.


“It is fantastic to be able to schedule reports overnight and know that they will be delivered via e-mail automatically to the people who need them, first thing the next day, no questions asked,” says Truter. “I sincerely believe that Alchemex has saved me at least three hours every day through automated reporting and distribution,” he adds. “This equates to 60 hours in time saved each month alone, allowing me to use this time more effectively.


“The one thing I really liked was that I could plug SAP Business One queries straight into the reporting engine and then configure my layout in Excel – just like that,” says Truter.


Companies that implement Alchemex for SAP Business One experience major efficiencies in the way information is:

1. Prepared – through automation
2. Distributed – through Excel (familiar environment)
3. Trusted – (no manual intervention)