The KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH), a ground-breaking collaboration between the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, has turned to Bluekey and SAP Business One to provide an ERP solution specifically for NPOs to improve administration, streamline grant opportunity tracking, ensure grantor compliance, enable advanced grant budget reporting, and provide for more effective project management.

The grant budget administration module developed by Bluekey, a specialist in the implementation of SAP Business One, allows NPOs to manage and budget projects from grant application to submission and approval.

As opposed to typical financial budgets, grant management budgets feature a set of tools to budget at any GL account level across any number of calendar months in the grantors specified currency and exchange rate.

All standard procurement processes are supported by the solution including requisitions at site level with dynamic routing capabilities for document approvals. Procurement documents are subject to an approved SAP Business One grant budget. Budget availability is shown in real time to document originators and approvers ensuring controlled spend on projects. Grantor invoicing adheres to multi-currency requirements and typical stipulations and compliancy set out by grantors. A series of real-time alerts allows project leaders to take action when budget thresholds are close and recoveries have not been processed in “spend and claim” environments.

K-RITH’s mission is to conduct outstanding basic science research on tuberculosis (TB) and HIV, translate the scientific findings into new tools to control TB and HIV, and expand the educational opportunities in the region. K-RITH is an independent research institute that will work in collaboration with UKZN and other academic and clinical institutions in South Africa and around the world.  Their goal is that discoveries made in the heart of the TB and HIV epidemics will drive innovation to control the deadly diseases.

“SAP Business One is a great fit for the organisation which, with numerous projects running simultaneously, needed a robust and flexible system that provides a central point for managing finances, monitoring the progress of projects, reporting and delivering access to information.

“The grant budget administration module ensures that the organisation can track and control the allocation of funds while ensuring total compliance with governance rules. We are delighted to partner with K-RITH in providing this solution which we believe can add value to other NGOs wanting to tighten the reigns on financial and administrative processes in line with best practice,” says Bluekey’s Andre Adendorff.