Imagine being able to access your company data,  be up-to-date with business operations, and make informed decisions at any point during the day and everywhere you go. SAP Business One, in partnership with coresuite mobile,  has made this possible through their mobile application that integrates SAP Business One with mobile devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. Without the need for additional infrastructure and the ease with which the application can be downloaded, this mobile application can be used right away to access your ERP system and ‘get your business one the road’.


This application is an irreplaceable tool for executives, sales employees and service representatives as the data is stored on the mobile device, which allows you to access your data anywhere – even if you are offline. The data that is sent and downloaded via the mobile device is protected with a high standard of security with SSL encryption.


Reports and Dashboards

The dashboards are graphical analyses that provide you with quick and easy information about current company figures. At the touch of a button, you are able to view the current turnover and sales figures according to product group. Due to a constant synchronisation with your ERP, the graphics are always up-to-date on your iPhone.


Business Partner

Useful data about your business partners is displayed on your mobile device. A quick glance gives you an overview of the distribution of responsibilities in the company, enables you to retrieve information such as addresses, phone numbers, current sales figures, open invoices, past activities, and much more.


Service Calls

If the office receives a service call, it can be directly assigned to  service representative in the field via the mobile device. The service representative also receives information about the business partner, the contact person, the address and the details of the service call. This function guarantees more efficient personnel planning and improves the quality of customer service.



Record your working hours on your mobile device and at the same time allocate them to customers. This time recording function is synchronised with the coresuite time Add-On in your ERP system. The capability to synchronise effort recordings and working hours from your mobile device to your ERP system helps you save time, and furthermore, the time recording allows a current overview of all hours worked.



All service calls and activities that were recorded in your ERP system are synchronised with the mobile device and can be accessed at any time. New activities can also be added. With the integrated calendar, you can plan your day and always be on top of your to-do tasks. With the automatic synchronisation between the ERP system and your iPhone or iPad, a time-consuming manual adjustment of your calendar at your desk is now a thing of the past.