SAP gives you a competitive advantage

SAP gives you a competitive advantage

SAP Software Solutions That Best Fit Your Needs

Historically, finding the right business software has been a challenge for SMEs. Often, painful compromises result – from changing the way they do business to fit how the software works, to picking a solution far beyond their means to buy, implement and maintain. Worse yet, many solutions quickly run out of headroom as business expands.

SAP brings a portfolio of powerful, integrated business software solutions designed specifically for SMEs like yours, so you can get the solution that best fits your unique business needs, now and in the future, without compromising your needs and priorities.


“SAP is a great step forward for us. The system will enhance our grant administration and management reporting. In addition, the controls integral to the SAP system decrease risk and this should improve our system audits. We operate a wide variety of projects from six sites; our previous accounting system was inadequate. The change to SAP has been long overdue”


A Powerful Combination

To help you manage your entire business more efficiently and with complete transparency, SAP offers two categories of solutions.


Business Management Software

Integrated business management solutions from SAP, such as SAP Business One and SAP Business All-in-One, can automate and streamline your core business processes, such as order to cash, with support from end to end. By unifying your business on a single platform, you can drive higher operational efficiencies across your entire enterprise while gaining the control and transparency you need to move forward.


Business Intelligence Software

The SAP BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence (BI) solutions optimize your company’s business performance and effectiveness by allowing you to instantly see and analyze the situations with  complete hard facts – from entry-level reporting and ad hoc query and analysis to executive planning and dashboards. By tapping into any data source anywhere inside your company, SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions transform data into crystal-clear, actionable insights, so you can instantly understand what’s happening in your business and why – and most important, how to respond and plan ahead.


When Used Together . . .

With the unique combination of business management and business intelligence solutions from SAP, you gain a powerful advantage: you can become the most efficient at running your operations while being the most effective at managing your business. This is an essential foundation for making yours a best-run business.


SAP Business Management and Business Intelligence Solutions

The Bluekey Group offers companies a variety of business solutions that can cover their every business need – from mobile applications, ERP and Business Intelligence to infrastructure development. Some of the business management and business intelligence solutions provided by the Bluekey Group are described below.


SAP Business One

Designed specifically for small businesses, and offered by 7 times SAP Business One partner of the year winner Bluekey, the SAP Business One application integrates the entire business across financials, sales, customer relationships, e-commerce, inventory, and operations.

Thanks to SAP’s extensive partner ecosystem, you can extend the software’s core functionality with over 550 add-on solutions to meet your unique business and industry-specific needs. SAP Business One is the best fit for small businesses that have outgrown accounting-only solutions and are looking to streamline business operations with a single, integrated and affordable business management solution.


SAP Business All-in-One

The SAP Business All-in-One solution is comprehensive and flexible business management software with support for industry-specific best practices built in. It helps you manage everything from financials, human resources, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, and product development to customer service, sales, and marketing in one configurable solution.

Available from Westrocon, a member of the Bluekey Group, SAP Business All-in-One solutions can be readily configured to meet the business requirements of midsize companies in many different industries. SAP Business All-in-One is a best fit for midsize companies looking for the most integrated and comprehensive industry solution to support their business end to end.


Crystal Reports

The most widely used reporting solutions in the world, the Crystal Reports® offerings allow you to design, create, manage, and deliver personalized reports either over the Web or embedded in other applications. Because you can connect to virtually any data source, interactivity empowers your business users to make actionable business decisions with minimal IT overhead.

Crystal Reports software is a best fit for SMEs that have outgrown internally developed or spreadsheet-based reporting. Crystal Reports integrates fully with SAP Business One.


SAP BusinessObjects

Asyst Intelligence offers SAP BusinessObjects Edge Business Intelligence (BI) software which comprises comprehensive, versatile BI applications that provide unparalleled insight to manage your business. The software offers flexible reporting, ad hoc analysis, dashboards, and visualization tools. Because it is built on a proven platform with open architecture, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI software lets you leverage all of the data sources and applications you already use to run your business. This software is best for midsize companies that need scalable BI capabilities and the ability to “start anywhere” – from enterprise reporting to dashboards to data mart implementation – and to grow along with expanding needs.


Why an SAP Solution?

  • Fits the Way You Do Business – You can choose from over 1,000 industry-specific solutions
  • Fits Your Budget and Time – SAP solutions are available with affordable licensing options, from subscription to financing
  • Fits Your Level of IT Expertise – SAP solutions offer a wide range of deployment options
  • Fits the Way Your Employees Work – SAP solutions are intuitive and user friendly
  • Fits Your Future Plans – Built on 35 years of experience, SAP solutions are both modular and scalable


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Implementing a big business advantage

Implementing a big business advantage

Keeping your small business competitive with a big business advantage

To thrive in today’s global economy, small businesses must incorporate some of the advantages formerly available only to larger firms. The most important of these advantages is anytime-anywhere access to real-time business data. With current data at their fingertips, company managers can view, analyse, and manage day-to-day business processes and respond quickly to ever-changing customer demands and market conditions.

Data visibility leads to greater efficiency, better-informed decisions, and improved responsiveness. Responsiveness, in turn, leads to satisfied customers and business partners, new and unexpected opportunities, and increased sales and market share. By improving their data visibility and responding quickly to change, small businesses gain a significant competitive advantage.

Today there is new and affordable technology that enables small businesses to access current data from any location, respond quickly to change, and thrive in a volatile business environment. A good example of this technology is the SAP Business One application.

Visibility – from data comes insight

The term “data visibility” refers to your ability to see real-time business data that comes from multiple departments or locations. The data you access gives you an overview of your company’s operations and provides insight into conditions, relationships, and trends that are not otherwise apparent.

Many companies – yours may be one – have multiple records for a single customer. One record may reside in sales, another in accounting, perhaps a third in customer service. That means multiple sets of data must be reconciled to obtain a single, consistent view of each customer. But multiple sets of data can lead to errors or inconsistencies, which can degrade customer service. In addition, maintaining multiple systems is expensive.

With the integrated and accurate view of your customers and business processes given to you through SAP Business One, you can deploy your limited resources effectively to maximise profit potential and minimise inefficiencies.

Responsiveness – doing the right thing, right now

Agility is becoming increasingly important. The ability to respond quickly, even proactively, is becoming evermore critical as the pace of global business increases. In this respect, small businesses often have the advantage; they can be more agile than larger companies – if they have easy access to accurate business process information. Fast access to real-time data enhances your company’s ability to see change coming, understand its complications, and take appropriate action.

Technology – implementing the right software

There are now software applications, such as SAP Business One, available than can help small businesses improve data visibility so they can respond quickly to changing conditions. These applications integrate what might currently be separate accounting packages or databases. They provide accurate and timely data, readily accessible through a single, intuitive interface. Integration enables operational efficiencies such as smoother procurement and reduction of transcription and input errors.

These new software applications can even facilitate regulatory and contract compliance – an increasingly crucial issue for small businesses – by automatically tracking when required actions occur. Today business management applications are not just for large enterprises; they are becoming crucial for small companies that want to compete globally.

SAP Business One helps small companies make better strategic and tactical decision faster by automating business processes and delivering and accurate, unified view of critical information across areas such as sales, finance, purchasing, warehouse management, and manufacturing.

About SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an integrated, affordable, easy-to-use business management software solution that offers more than just accounting and is designed specifically for small and midsize businesses (SME’s). It enables you to manage by exception and focus on growing your business with up to date business insights and intelligence so you can better service your customers and be a more profitable business.

About Bluekey Software Solutions

Bluekey specialises in making SME’s best-run businesses through the sales, implementation, and support of SAP Business One throughout Africa. Bluekey is headquartered in Johannesburg and has branches in Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Bluekey is Africa’s largest SAP Business One provider, a SAP-certified Gold Partner and SAP Africa Partner of the year for SAP Business One since 2005, and SAP EMEA Pinnacle Award winner.

For more information contact:

Craig Johnston

021 685 7000


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Industry Solutions for SAP Business One

Industry Solutions for SAP Business One

Improve Efficiency with SAP Business One Functionality to Meet Your Business Needs

Grow your business with industry-specific solutions built around the SAP Business One application. Industry solutions from the most successful SAP Business One partner in Africa, Bluekey, offer proven functionality that addresses the unique business processes of your industry. They come with tools and methodologies that enable rapid, reliable implementations to minimize time and costs.

The SAP Business One application stands out as one of the best and easiest-to-use business management solutions designed specifically for smaller businesses. Now you can deploy a single integrated solution that provides functionality supporting every process you need to run your business, including financials, sales, customer relationships, inventory, and operations. Ideal for companies that have outgrown their accounting-only solutions and are looking to streamline their operations with an integrated, on-premise solution, SAP Business One enables you to:

  • Streamline operations by automating and integrating all critical business functions
  • Respond more quickly to customer needs and make informed decisions
  • Get up and running within two to eight weeks
  • Minimize total cost of ownership with an adaptable solution that can be readily tailored
  • Better serve your customers and gain operational efficiency

The benefits of SAP Business One are magnified when you couple them with the industry-specific functionality developed by SAP Business One partner, Bluekey. SAP ’s program to provide end-to-end SAP Business One industry solutions offers you proven, tested, and preconfigured packaged solutions to address your specific industry needs and business processes. Through a methodical application and review process, SAP validates each partner offering to help ensure that each meets the highest quality standards. Because the solutions are preconfigured to address specific industry needs and come with implementation methodologies and best practices, they are cost effective to deploy and maintain. In most cases, they have already been proven among your industry peers, significantly reducing the project risk inherent in many IT projects.

How Industry Solutions Benefit Your Business

All of the industry solutions designed to work with SAP Business One are fully integrated with the software from a user interface and programming perspective. And many of these solutions are the result of extensive collaboration between SAP and one or more software solution partners, who jointly define the product offering, develop the software and documentation, create a go-to-market strategy, and develop a support process. Today, there are over 65 packaged industry solutions built around SAP Business One – and each one is designed to optimize company operations and drive rapid return on investment. Equally important, you can implement the solutions with confidence, as they have a proven track record across thousands of customers using SAP Business One.

Here are some of the Bluekey SAP Business One Industry Solutions currently available:


About Bluekey Software Solutions

Bluekey specialises in the implementation, consulting, support and development of SAP Business One for small to mid-sized companies throughout Africa. Bluekey has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Bluekey is also Africa’s preferred SAP Business One partner, being awarded SAP Gold status, SAP Business One Partner of the Year 2005 to 2011, and SAP EMEA Pinnacle Award winner. With more than 220 successful SAP Business One implementations, 70+ years’ director experience, and more than 100 employees, Bluekey is uniquely qualified to implement, support, maintain and develop SAP Business One solutions for SMEs in Africa.

For more information contact:

Craig Johnston

021 685 7000


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NGO must focus on their mandates

NGO must focus on their mandates

SAP Business One provides complete NGO business management solution

A normal day in the life of an NGO administrator is typically filled with spreadsheets, reconciliations, paperwork, chasing up case workers, managing employees and controlling the many diverse administrative and operational aspects of the entity. As the NGO grows, so do the challenges and the workload associated with managing grants, resources, budgets and projects.

“Non-profits should be able to focus their resources on carrying out their mandates, not on administration,” says Andre Adendorff, Director of Bluekey Software Solutions, a specialist in the implementation, extension and support of SAP Business One.

“Using SAP Business One, we developed a business management solution for NGOs to overcome the inefficiencies that are endemic to so many non-profits today. The system has already been implemented at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation and is about to be rolled out for the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH). Developed specifically to manage the unique administrative and financial processes of non-profit organisations, the system has tremendous potential to assist in streamlining efficiencies and enabling these organisations to deliver on their mandates.”

The solution was profiled at a summit for non-governmental and non-profit organisations, hosted by SAP in Johannesburg, on Wednesday, 25 July.

“SAP and its partners, like many other organisations, have a responsibility to create an enabling environment for all businesses, irrespective of size. Our objective at the summit was to showcase to leaders in the non-profit sector that SAP solutions – such as SAP Business One – are for all companies, irrespective of size or industry,” says Pankaj Pema, Head of SAP Business One Africa.

Sunil Geness, SAP Corporate Affairs Executive, adds: “Our solutions enable organisations to run better – improving performance, streamlining operations and achieving business goals. By providing our solutions and assistance to non-profit organisations, we are enabling them to become more efficient, deliver more services and ultimately help the world run better.”

Commenting on the solution’s benefits to the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, the organisation’s General Manager, Jill Thorne, says: “The system has enhanced our grant administration and management reporting. SAP Business One also improved our project management and budget planning while the controls integral to the SAP system decreased risk and improved our system audits.”

The core application addresses all fundamental business needs, including finance, opportunity management, relationship management, assets, stock, creditors and debtors. This functionality is then extended for NGOs by the addition of grant management, optimised budgets, procurement, invoicing, project control and domain-specific reporting.

“It’s designed to provide real-time insight to executives who are managing donor programmes and grants, and to project leaders and managers who need to administer and control projects,” says Adendorff.

Staff can manage and budget projects from grant application through to submission and approval stages. All the expected procurement processes, such as requisitions at site level with routing capabilities for budget approvals, are included and supported by the solution. Grant budgets in SAP Business One are subject to the approval of procurement documents by specified approvers, which gives visibility into document origins and approvers, ensuring both compliance and better control of project expenditure.

SAP Business One for NGOs is a great fit for organisations that run multiple projects and require grant budget controls, highly specific reporting, access to real-time information and compliance, in a single, flexible, robust and proven solution,” concludes Adendorff.