To get the best result from your SAP Business One investment you need to partner with the BEST SAP Business One Partner

No.1 SAP Business One Gold Partner

Bluekey is the No.1 SAP Business One partner in Africa

There is absolutely and unequivocally no substitute for experience when it comes to implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

That is according to Paul Marketos, Director of Bluekey Software Solutions, a local IT company which specialises in the implementation, consulting and support of SAP Business One. He says that without the right SAP Business One implementation partner, with the right skills to make it happen, even the greatest software can fail.

“Like any major technology deployment, ERP implementations can be extremely complex. Things can go terribly wrong if the implementation is not fashioned and managed by experts who know what they are doing and have the necessary skills. And, the stakes are high. A bumpy, drawn-out implementation costs money, and few companies can afford to abandon an ERP project after time, money and resources have been invested.

Companies can, and should, expect a return on their ERP investment quickly, within in two years at most. For quick success and quick ROI, excellent software must be coupled with an excellent implementation partner. Software alone does not make a solution,” says Marketos.

He Continues: “At a time where consulting fees often match the cost of the software itself, companies should regard their selection and investment in a partner as important as their investment in the software. At the end of the project, a client should feel like they have received a return on their investment in a SAP Business One partner.

“There are a number of ERP implementers in the country. SAP, like most other ERP vendors, lists its accredited partners on its website. But, it is really up to the client to do their homework early on and make sure they find a partner offering the right fit for their business and for what they want to achieve.

“Word of mouth and previous client references and case studies are excellent ways of assessing potential partners and establishing whether the right mix of skills and experience when whittling down the short list.

“Although a strong track record and experience in similar ERP implementations is the key criterion for selecting an implementation partner, it is beneficial to look beyond skills, credentials and previous successes.

“There has to be a personality match as well; a close cultural fit between that of the partner and that of the client. There is no point trying to force a square peg into a round hole. People skills, or lack thereof, can make or break a partnership.”

Marketos warns against choosing an implementation partner purely based on size.

“Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to implementation partners so companies should be wary of selecting a partner simply because they are well-known. However, a risk of choosing a small partner is that there may be a lack of manpower if someone should go on leave or fall ill.”

Unfortunately companies often find out too late that they have chosen the wrong “guy for the job”. Signs that the partner is not up to scratch include, amongst others, poor project management; milestones and deadlines are not achieved; poor communication; poor understanding of the client’s business; lack of responsiveness, manpower and expertise; lack of responsiveness and inflexibility to changes in project scope.

About Bluekey Software Solutions

As the largest and fastest growing SAP Business One Partner in Africa, Bluekey enjoys a reputation for on-time delivery of SAP Business One ERP solutions to SME’s throughout Africa. The company is founded on the value proposition that the successful implementation of ERP solutions brings real and tangible benefits to business owners by driving efficiency, profitability and growth while giving management effective control and visibility.

Bluekey is the most successful SAP Business One partner in Africa and having won the SAP Business One partner of the year 7 years in a row (2005-2011), more than 220 successful SAP Business One implementations, the most SAP-certified consultants, director experience in excess of 70 years and branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, is uniquely qualified to implement and support SAP Business One throughout Africa.

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