Improve Efficiency with SAP Business One Functionality to Meet Your Business Needs

Grow your business with industry-specific solutions built around the SAP Business One application. Industry solutions from the most successful SAP Business One partner in Africa, Bluekey, offer proven functionality that addresses the unique business processes of your industry. They come with tools and methodologies that enable rapid, reliable implementations to minimize time and costs.

The SAP Business One application stands out as one of the best and easiest-to-use business management solutions designed specifically for smaller businesses. Now you can deploy a single integrated solution that provides functionality supporting every process you need to run your business, including financials, sales, customer relationships, inventory, and operations. Ideal for companies that have outgrown their accounting-only solutions and are looking to streamline their operations with an integrated, on-premise solution, SAP Business One enables you to:

  • Streamline operations by automating and integrating all critical business functions
  • Respond more quickly to customer needs and make informed decisions
  • Get up and running within two to eight weeks
  • Minimize total cost of ownership with an adaptable solution that can be readily tailored
  • Better serve your customers and gain operational efficiency

The benefits of SAP Business One are magnified when you couple them with the industry-specific functionality developed by SAP Business One partner, Bluekey. SAP ’s program to provide end-to-end SAP Business One industry solutions offers you proven, tested, and preconfigured packaged solutions to address your specific industry needs and business processes. Through a methodical application and review process, SAP validates each partner offering to help ensure that each meets the highest quality standards. Because the solutions are preconfigured to address specific industry needs and come with implementation methodologies and best practices, they are cost effective to deploy and maintain. In most cases, they have already been proven among your industry peers, significantly reducing the project risk inherent in many IT projects.

How Industry Solutions Benefit Your Business

All of the industry solutions designed to work with SAP Business One are fully integrated with the software from a user interface and programming perspective. And many of these solutions are the result of extensive collaboration between SAP and one or more software solution partners, who jointly define the product offering, develop the software and documentation, create a go-to-market strategy, and develop a support process. Today, there are over 65 packaged industry solutions built around SAP Business One – and each one is designed to optimize company operations and drive rapid return on investment. Equally important, you can implement the solutions with confidence, as they have a proven track record across thousands of customers using SAP Business One.

Here are some of the Bluekey SAP Business One Industry Solutions currently available:


About Bluekey Software Solutions

Bluekey specialises in the implementation, consulting, support and development of SAP Business One for small to mid-sized companies throughout Africa. Bluekey has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Bluekey is also Africa’s preferred SAP Business One partner, being awarded SAP Gold status, SAP Business One Partner of the Year 2005 to 2011, and SAP EMEA Pinnacle Award winner. With more than 220 successful SAP Business One implementations, 70+ years’ director experience, and more than 100 employees, Bluekey is uniquely qualified to implement, support, maintain and develop SAP Business One solutions for SMEs in Africa.

For more information contact:

Craig Johnston

021 685 7000


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