medical distribution.jpgThe medical distribution industry is a fiercely competitive market that leaves no room for errors. In this ring, you have to be constantly on your toes. Any distribution error made is an opportunity for competitors to capitalise. Bouncing back from non-delivery in this market is tough… And may eventually leave you out cold.

So how do you keep fighting fit in the medical distribution game? How do you make sure you’re a current contender? How do you bob-and-weave around the complexities of inventory, supply chain management, forecasting and reporting?

Bluekey Seidor has devised a tactical plan specifically for you with SAP Business One for the Medical Distribution industry. Our affordable solution, that integrates distribution processes with financial management and operational requirements, is the first step in keeping you toe-to-toe with your competitors. Our package combines financials, operations, sales, reporting, demand planning, complete supply chain management and warehousing, all accessed in real-time across all divisions of your business. The end result? Operational excellence leading to a knockout win.

We understand that distribution is an extremely tough industry, marked by ever-changing supply and demand. In the four main areas of medical distribution: Emergency, Chronic, Acute and Seasonal Care, on-time delivery of products is of paramount importance. If your stock is not on hand in an emergency or when acute care supplies are needed, your competitors’ will be. If you haven’t managed to roll with the punches of fluctuating chronic care supply, you’ll be blind-sided. And if you aren’t able to anticipate seasonal medical trends, such as flu shots in winter or allergy medicines in spring, your contestants will step up deliver a low blow. Optimal functionality is therefore key for any agile distribution business.

SAP Business One for Medical Distribution offers you just that. With our superior software, you’ll be able to forecast, track, integrate and automate key distribution processes and products, avoiding delivery glitches that can be so devastating for business and patients alike. A consistent, reliable, on-time distribution chain makes the process smooth from start to finish, leading to customer satisfaction and, ultimately, increased profitability for your business.

We’ve pinpointed the five key functions that are vital to the success of any distribution chain and areas that your business should be prioritising:

  • Reporting
  • Integration
  • Traceability
  • Forecasting
  • Automation

When these processes are firmly in place, distribution is a cinch. When they aren’t, mishaps are inevitable. Our solution offers you the full package, helping you to maximise functionality and hit back with a combination punch. This combination includes: inventory management and calibration; greater visibility and improved traceability across the board; insight into customers’ preferences and buying patterns; stock tracking and forecasting; order-to-cash management; and the ability to streamline processes for maximum efficiency.

In the end, the benefits of SAP Business One for Medical Distribution will speak for itself… You’ll be able to enjoy reduced costs and immediate ROI, streamline order-to-cash processing, be afforded the all-round ease and functionality of automation, reduce invested capital and ultimately improve profit margins. Is your business ready to take the gloves off and be a contender in the industry?

If you pull punches in your business decisions, someone else will come out swinging. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t let your guard down and let upstarts upset you. Be a challenger with Bluekey Seidor and SAP Business One for Medical Distribution as your cornerman.

*As the most successful and fastest growing SAP Business One Partner in Africa, Bluekey Seidor enjoys a reputation for on-time delivery of complex, as well as simple, integrated business management solutions for small to medium enterprises.

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