SAP Business One provides complete NGO business management solution

A normal day in the life of an NGO administrator is typically filled with spreadsheets, reconciliations, paperwork, chasing up case workers, managing employees and controlling the many diverse administrative and operational aspects of the entity. As the NGO grows, so do the challenges and the workload associated with managing grants, resources, budgets and projects.

“Non-profits should be able to focus their resources on carrying out their mandates, not on administration,” says Andre Adendorff, Director of Bluekey Software Solutions, a specialist in the implementation, extension and support of SAP Business One.

“Using SAP Business One, we developed a business management solution for NGOs to overcome the inefficiencies that are endemic to so many non-profits today. The system has already been implemented at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation and is about to be rolled out for the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH). Developed specifically to manage the unique administrative and financial processes of non-profit organisations, the system has tremendous potential to assist in streamlining efficiencies and enabling these organisations to deliver on their mandates.”

The solution was profiled at a summit for non-governmental and non-profit organisations, hosted by SAP in Johannesburg, on Wednesday, 25 July.

“SAP and its partners, like many other organisations, have a responsibility to create an enabling environment for all businesses, irrespective of size. Our objective at the summit was to showcase to leaders in the non-profit sector that SAP solutions – such as SAP Business One – are for all companies, irrespective of size or industry,” says Pankaj Pema, Head of SAP Business One Africa.

Sunil Geness, SAP Corporate Affairs Executive, adds: “Our solutions enable organisations to run better – improving performance, streamlining operations and achieving business goals. By providing our solutions and assistance to non-profit organisations, we are enabling them to become more efficient, deliver more services and ultimately help the world run better.”

Commenting on the solution’s benefits to the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, the organisation’s General Manager, Jill Thorne, says: “The system has enhanced our grant administration and management reporting. SAP Business One also improved our project management and budget planning while the controls integral to the SAP system decreased risk and improved our system audits.”

The core application addresses all fundamental business needs, including finance, opportunity management, relationship management, assets, stock, creditors and debtors. This functionality is then extended for NGOs by the addition of grant management, optimised budgets, procurement, invoicing, project control and domain-specific reporting.

“It’s designed to provide real-time insight to executives who are managing donor programmes and grants, and to project leaders and managers who need to administer and control projects,” says Adendorff.

Staff can manage and budget projects from grant application through to submission and approval stages. All the expected procurement processes, such as requisitions at site level with routing capabilities for budget approvals, are included and supported by the solution. Grant budgets in SAP Business One are subject to the approval of procurement documents by specified approvers, which gives visibility into document origins and approvers, ensuring both compliance and better control of project expenditure.

SAP Business One for NGOs is a great fit for organisations that run multiple projects and require grant budget controls, highly specific reporting, access to real-time information and compliance, in a single, flexible, robust and proven solution,” concludes Adendorff.