SAP solutions made to fit your needs. Designed to help you grow.

For many small businesses and midsize companies like yours, achieving profitable and sustainable growth is both an aspiration and a challenge. With “economies of speed” as a distinct advantage, you can adopt a wide range of strategies for maintaining business momentum and outperforming much larger competition. Modern technologies such as integrated business software have become increasingly crucial to helping small and midsize companies gain higher operational efficiency and transparency while setting a solid foundation for future growth. SAP offers a complete portfolio of solutions designed specifically for businesses like yours. By leveraging SAP solutions solutions that best fit your needs, you can achieve profitable growth in a highly dynamic market.

Historically, finding the right business software has been a challenge for small businesses and midsize companies. Often, painful compromises result – from changing the way they do business to fit how the software works, to picking a solution far beyond their means to buy and maintain. Worse yet, many solutions quickly run out of headroom as business expands. SAP brings a portfolio of powerful, integrated business software designed specifically for companies like yours, so you can get the solution that best fits your unique business needs, now and in the future, without compromising your needs and priorities.

A Powerful Combination

To help you manage your entire business more efficiently and with complete transparency, SAP offers two categories of solutions.

Business Management Software

Integrated business management solutions from SAP can automate and streamline your core business processes, such as order to cash, with support from end to end. By unifying your business on a single platform, you can drive higher operational efficiencies across your entire enterprise while gaining the control and transparency you need to move forward.

Business Analytics Software

Business analytics solutions from SAP optimize your company’s business performance and effectiveness by allowing you to instantly see and analyze the situations with complete hard facts – from entry-level reporting and ad hoc query and analysis to executive planning and using dashboards. By tapping into any data source anywhere inside your company, business analytics solutions from SAP transform data into crystal-clear, actionable insights, so you can instantly understand what’s happening in your business and why – and most important, how to respond and plan ahead.

When Used Together

With the unique combination of business management and business analytics solutions from SAP, you gain a powerful advantage: you can become the most efficient at running your operations while being the most effective at managing your business. This is an essential foundation for making yours a best-run business.

Why an SAP® Solution?

Fits the Way You Do Business

You can choose from over 1,000 industry-specific solutions – from wholesale distribution to professional services – that support your end-to-end processes and unique requirements.

Fits Your Budget and Time

SAP® solutions are available with affordable licensing options, from subscription to financing, and with rapid implementation tools to help get you started in just weeks.

Fits Your Level of IT Expertise

SAP solutions offer a wide range of deployment options, from customizable “on premise” to configurable “on demand,” enabling you to make the best use of the software.

Fits the Way Your Employees Work

SAP solutions are intuitive and user friendly, offering role-based navigation and task-based workflows so employees can work efficiently with minimal training.

Fits Your Future Plans

Built on more than 35 years of experience, SAP solutions are both modular and scalable, so you can build and expand at a pace

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