SAP Software Solutions That Best Fit Your Needs

Historically, finding the right business software has been a challenge for SMEs. Often, painful compromises result – from changing the way they do business to fit how the software works, to picking a solution far beyond their means to buy, implement and maintain. Worse yet, many solutions quickly run out of headroom as business expands.

SAP brings a portfolio of powerful, integrated business software solutions designed specifically for SMEs like yours, so you can get the solution that best fits your unique business needs, now and in the future, without compromising your needs and priorities.


“SAP is a great step forward for us. The system will enhance our grant administration and management reporting. In addition, the controls integral to the SAP system decrease risk and this should improve our system audits. We operate a wide variety of projects from six sites; our previous accounting system was inadequate. The change to SAP has been long overdue”


A Powerful Combination

To help you manage your entire business more efficiently and with complete transparency, SAP offers two categories of solutions.


Business Management Software

Integrated business management solutions from SAP, such as SAP Business One and SAP Business All-in-One, can automate and streamline your core business processes, such as order to cash, with support from end to end. By unifying your business on a single platform, you can drive higher operational efficiencies across your entire enterprise while gaining the control and transparency you need to move forward.


Business Intelligence Software

The SAP BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence (BI) solutions optimize your company’s business performance and effectiveness by allowing you to instantly see and analyze the situations with  complete hard facts – from entry-level reporting and ad hoc query and analysis to executive planning and dashboards. By tapping into any data source anywhere inside your company, SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions transform data into crystal-clear, actionable insights, so you can instantly understand what’s happening in your business and why – and most important, how to respond and plan ahead.


When Used Together . . .

With the unique combination of business management and business intelligence solutions from SAP, you gain a powerful advantage: you can become the most efficient at running your operations while being the most effective at managing your business. This is an essential foundation for making yours a best-run business.


SAP Business Management and Business Intelligence Solutions

The Bluekey Group offers companies a variety of business solutions that can cover their every business need – from mobile applications, ERP and Business Intelligence to infrastructure development. Some of the business management and business intelligence solutions provided by the Bluekey Group are described below.


SAP Business One

Designed specifically for small businesses, and offered by 7 times SAP Business One partner of the year winner Bluekey, the SAP Business One application integrates the entire business across financials, sales, customer relationships, e-commerce, inventory, and operations.

Thanks to SAP’s extensive partner ecosystem, you can extend the software’s core functionality with over 550 add-on solutions to meet your unique business and industry-specific needs. SAP Business One is the best fit for small businesses that have outgrown accounting-only solutions and are looking to streamline business operations with a single, integrated and affordable business management solution.


SAP Business All-in-One

The SAP Business All-in-One solution is comprehensive and flexible business management software with support for industry-specific best practices built in. It helps you manage everything from financials, human resources, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, and product development to customer service, sales, and marketing in one configurable solution.

Available from Westrocon, a member of the Bluekey Group, SAP Business All-in-One solutions can be readily configured to meet the business requirements of midsize companies in many different industries. SAP Business All-in-One is a best fit for midsize companies looking for the most integrated and comprehensive industry solution to support their business end to end.


Crystal Reports

The most widely used reporting solutions in the world, the Crystal Reports® offerings allow you to design, create, manage, and deliver personalized reports either over the Web or embedded in other applications. Because you can connect to virtually any data source, interactivity empowers your business users to make actionable business decisions with minimal IT overhead.

Crystal Reports software is a best fit for SMEs that have outgrown internally developed or spreadsheet-based reporting. Crystal Reports integrates fully with SAP Business One.


SAP BusinessObjects

Asyst Intelligence offers SAP BusinessObjects Edge Business Intelligence (BI) software which comprises comprehensive, versatile BI applications that provide unparalleled insight to manage your business. The software offers flexible reporting, ad hoc analysis, dashboards, and visualization tools. Because it is built on a proven platform with open architecture, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI software lets you leverage all of the data sources and applications you already use to run your business. This software is best for midsize companies that need scalable BI capabilities and the ability to “start anywhere” – from enterprise reporting to dashboards to data mart implementation – and to grow along with expanding needs.


Why an SAP Solution?

  • Fits the Way You Do Business – You can choose from over 1,000 industry-specific solutions
  • Fits Your Budget and Time – SAP solutions are available with affordable licensing options, from subscription to financing
  • Fits Your Level of IT Expertise – SAP solutions offer a wide range of deployment options
  • Fits the Way Your Employees Work – SAP solutions are intuitive and user friendly
  • Fits Your Future Plans – Built on 35 years of experience, SAP solutions are both modular and scalable


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