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Does your retail business have two left feet? Are you trying to work off multiple, non-integrated systems, leaving you stepping on everyone’s toes? Are your distribution, inventory, POS, purchasing and financial management processes all dancing to a different tune? No integration means no access to real-time data. For any enterprise, particularly a growing business, this is hugely problematic and enough to knock you off your feet and out of the game.


For retailers in the seasonal sector, it’s imperative that management and technology are in step with each other in order to keep the operation running smoothly, effectively and profitably. Bluekey Seidor has the perfect solution to do just that and help you put your best foot forward in the retail arena.

SAP Business One Retail for Apparel, Accessories, and Footwear is an end-to-end business management system with retail-specific functionality that gives you the full capabilities of management, planning, analytics, POS and customer management.


Because SAP Business One Retail is a fully integrated ERP, it’s able to provide you with real-time insight into your entire business. Real-time data means better and more informed decision-making. It also allows you to think on your feet, helping you make up-to-the-minute decisions, while keeping your finger on ever-changing trends that are part and parcel of the retail world. Moreover, with globalisation and fast turnaround times nipping at your heels, it is essential to have cohesive, accurate and current information in order to project properly.


The SAP Business One Retail solution has a number of other key features that will streamline your business and keep your competitors on their toes. The solution offers greater visibility across all departments, giving management the power at head office to have complete control over data, access and operations at stores, while offering retailers a secure, customisable, flexible, scalable and integrated solution. Optimised inventory control and replenishment with stock visibility across the entire retail chain, makes for faster, more accurate and automated order processing and quicker inventory turnover. A complete on- and off-line trading functionality means that your system keeps on working without interruption, while the POS solution has built-in flexibility to offer single- or multi-site, and single or multi-terminal capability. These essential features, packaged in a touchscreen interface that gives you a customisable and professional look, will allow your enterprise to step into new and greater business territory.


Warwick Hopcroft, Sales Director at Bluekey Seidor says, “Our solutions are fully integrated, but we also understand that our mobile apps may need to function on- or off-line, and that the POS terminals can only go down when the store closes, not when the line drops. It’s what our customers want.”


He adds that “the solution is designed to meet the specific needs of SME retailers with anything from 2 to upwards of 300 till points, and set-up can range from a single multi-till store to a multi-branch or franchised environment. The SAP Business One retail software gives management the power at head office to have complete control over data, access and operations at stores – and provides retailers with a secure, customisable, flexible, scalable and integrated solution that helps overcome inefficiencies, assists in business process optimisation and provides enhanced, timely management information.”


At the heart of retail is the customer. In fact, they are the hub around which the wheel of retail turns. For this reason, it’s crucial to wait on your customers hand and foot, so to speak. But how do you do that in the retail world? It’s all about giving them a positive, interactive, consistent and slick shopping experience at every touch-point. SAP Business One Retail will help you step up your game, with comprehensive CRM and loyalty programmes, allowing you to manage customer communication, gain deeper insight into customer buying patterns and keep them coming back to your stores. Fast, easy and accurate transaction-processing will enhance the customer’s shopping experience, while requiring minimal staff training. Moreover, the power of rapid processing and ease-of-use, allows your business to focus on exactly what it should be focusing on…Your customers’ needs, instead of trying to crisis-manage the pitfalls of a non-integrated system.


But what about the bottom-line? Surely such a comprehensive package will come at a cost too high for growing SME’s? Absolutely not! SAP Business One is designed specifically for SME’s, ensuring you don’t have to foot a huge bill, while gaining a fully comprehensive, functional system that does not place extra overhead or burden on your business. Rather, it gives you the opportunity to focus on profitability.


In the end, what retail footprint do you want to leave behind? What experience and interaction do you want customers to walk away with? How do you see your company growing? What sort of lasting impact do you want to make? And is a non-integrated system your Achilles’ heel to achieving all that?


Then don’t drag your feet. Step out. Step up. And step into the fully integrated world of optimised operations, boosted productivity and increased revenue that is SAP Business One Retail.


Bluekey Seidor is rated as the number one, fastest growing SAP Business One Partner in Africa, specialising in the implementation, consulting, support, and extension of SAP Business One enterprise resource planning. It also forms part of the global network of its parent company Seidor, one of the world’s largest and most successful SAP Business One partners.