An affordable software solution, designed specifically for SMEs, that provides a complete 360-degree view of every aspect of the distribution chain and integrates with financial management processes is a key requirement for growing businesses.

These and many other benefits can be enjoyed by small to medium sized enterprises that use SAP Business One for Wholesale & Distribution, which provides instant access to real-time information across every aspect of the business and the supply chain.

SAP Business One Wholesale & Distribution improves all functionality, from demand planning and inventory control through to end-to-end supply chain management.

It also provides the ability to manage suppliers and the different interactions that make up the complex world of warehousing and distribution.

Many of Africa’s fastest growing companies are using SAP Business One for Wholesale & Distribution, including those who have partnered with Bluekey Seidor and its global parent company Seidor.


Greater visibility across every function of the business landscape provides the ability to streamline the order-to-cash process by improving the management of invoices, payments, and collections.

Among other things, this exposes the true cost of orders, allowing action to be taken to avoid unprofitable business.

Faster, more accurate and automated order processing makes for quicker inventory turnover and replenishment modelling, which improves pick and pack management and delivery performance, avoids lost sales opportunities, increases customer satisfaction, and boosts gross profits.

The ability to track and trace orders also allows for greater efficiency in the returns, warranty and recall processes.

360-degree insights provide a birds-eye view of profits across product ranges and areas, allowing instant, up-to-the-minute measurement of business performance, more efficient tracking of stock movements and improved inventory planning and forecasting.

It also provides deeper insight into customer buying patterns, seasonal trends and promotional opportunities to make better, more accurate decisions.

Optimised inventory management and predictive inventory planning avoids cash being tied up in surplus stock, reduces waste and shrinkage, unnecessary paperwork and shipping and provides instant return on investment through greater efficiency and reduced costs.

These and other capabilities of the system enable growing businesses to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of global markets with greater agility and compete more effectively with their larger counterparts.

Bluekey Seidor is rated as the number one, fastest growing, SAP Business One Partner in Africa and has on-the-ground operations in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania as well as Mauritius.

For those who have a presence in or are looking to extend their reach into other parts of Africa, Bluekey Seidor has the experience of implementing SAP Business One ERP solutions for more than 300 small to medium sized businesses across the continent. This enables it to ensure the best possible outcomes from ERP projects for SMEs.

Bluekey Seidor also forms part of a global network through its parent company Seidor, one of the world’s largest and most successful SAP Business One partners.

BluekeySeidor-LogoSeidor has operations in 28 countries across Europe, the UK, the US, South America, the Middle East and Africa and has 1800  SAP Business One customers.

Being part of this global network gives Bluekey Seidor access to the vast resources provided by a dedicated worldwide team of 340 expert consultants who are on hand to share knowledge and expertise to assist customers across the globe.

In the African context, Bluekey Seidor has a reputation in its own right for delivering both simple and complex business management solutions for small to medium sized enterprises through successful, on time, implementation of SAP Business One solutions.

The company is dedicated to constantly seeking innovative ways to help its customers to improve business efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs, while continually monitoring project expense and benefits to achieve a high return on investment.