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Simplify businesses processes and improve employee efficiency with the Seidor Toolbelt

Bluekey Toolbelt LogoSeidor has put together a new and unique range of productivity enhancing modules to extend the functionality rich SAP Business One solution. These solutions are aimed at simplifying business processes and improving employee efficiency.

The solutions on offer range from EDI, accounting, stock and production enhancements through to improvements in imports, distribution, budgets and supplier reconciliation. Keeping productivity enhancement in mind, they are geared towards businesses with an existing ERP solution that they wish to extend, and not as a replacement for ERP functionality.

To find out more about these modules, take a look below or feel free to contact your account manager who will give you all the information you need.

Seidor Toolbelt Modules:

Supplier Reconciliation

If you are a business that deals with a large volume of AP transactions or requires system-based approval of supplier reconciliations and payments then the Supplier Reconciliation module of the Seidor Toolbelt is perfect for you.


The supplier reconciliation module allows you to:

  • Import and automatically reconcile supplier statements with your system transactions
  • Create non-transactional balancing items for differences
  • Generate multiple payment runs from a reconciled system document
  • Attach external documents within SAP for easy system-based approval


The benefits are that you are able to:

  • Eliminate manual, Excel-based reconciliations through automation.
  • Increase productivity with excellent improvements in processing times.
  • Improved financial controls with system-based approvals and audit trails.
  • Increase cash-flow by identifying missed credits and unmatched invoices.

Supplier Remittance

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Stock Transfer with Additional Cost

The Additional Cost Stock Transfer module found in the Seidor Toolbelt is ideal for businesses that distribute from multiple warehouses, track accurate gross profit or use costing by batch/serial number and warehouse.


The stock transfer with additional cost module allows you to:

  • Re-value stock by applying Additional Costs to an Inventory Transfer
  • Maintain separate clearing accounts per Additional Cost for easy reconciliation against AP Invoices
  • Allocate Additional Costs by Quantity or Value
  • Maintain unique costing by re-numbering batch/serial numbers per Warehouse Location


The benefits are that you are able to:

  • Improve stock cost and gross profit accuracy.
  • Eliminate manual revaluations.
  • Increase efficiency of AP Invoice reconciliation.
  • Maintain accurate cost by batch/serial and warehouse location.


additional cost stock transfers


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Batch/Serial Optimisation

Batch/Serial Optimisation is the ideal add-on module for companies that utilise batch or serial tracking. It also offers enhanced functionality for companies that pick batch/serial tracked stock based on system generated lists.


The additional Batch/Serial Optimisation module allows you to:

  • Automatically select batch/serial numbers based on date rules
  • Create batch/serial numbers using formatted searches from source documents
  • Set batch/serial number dates based on source document fields
  • Automatically ignore existing batch/serial number warnings


The benefits are that you are able to:

  • Optimise picking and improve inventory aging by auto-selecting oldest stock first
  • Eliminate incorrect batch/serial number selection
  • Reduce finger errors by automatically populating batch/serial number fields from the source document


Automatic Batch Serial Management


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Budget Imports

The budget imports module found within the Seidor Toolbelt is targeted towards all businesses that maintains budgets within SAP Business One.


The additional Budget Imports module allows you to:

  • Export budgets to Excel
  • Import budgets from Excel
  • Easily manageable format
  • Avoid DTW nightmare


The benefits are that you are able to:

  • Reduce time and effort involved in capturing or importing budgets via DTW


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Import Utility

Import utility functionality found in the Seidor toolbelt is developed for companies that receive large orders or other documents in Excel format and import payroll journals.


The Import Utility module allows you to:

  • Create dynamic mappings between Excel or delimited files and SAP documents (header and lines)
  • With support for multiple source formats; avoid re-formatting source documents to match local regional settings
  • Ensuring SAP logic and formatted searches fire as if capturing manually


The benefits are that you are able to:

  • Eliminate manual re-capturing
  • Reduce finger errors
  • Increase efficiency


Import Utility


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