Breco Seafoods ROI Study

See how Breco Seafoods has benefited from running SAP Business One in their business

Breco Seafoods is a leading commodity trading company based in Cape Town

Company Name: Breco Seafoods
Industry: Seafood Distribution, Import / Export
Number of Employees: 65
SAP Business One users: 27
Previous System: Pastel, Macro
Implementation Cost: R1m
Return on Investment: < 18 months
Key Modules: Cashbook, Stock Management

Breco Home PageThey deal almost exclusively in Seafood Products distributed to wholesalers around Southern Africa and to a lesser extent worldwide. The buying, processing, packaging, wholesaling and distribution of marine finfish, shellfish and crustaceans is their core business. They are the clear leader in Southern Africa in terms of market share.


Gross inefficiencies resulting from running disparate systems in a trading environment led to Breco’s decision to integrate their business processes through implementing SAP Business One.


With a Cold Storage facility containing more than three thousand tonnes of product, Breco deals with a massive volume of seafood. Supplies of individual stock items fluctuate unpredictably and sales staff need to know on an ongoing basis where to concentrate their efforts to maximise stock turn and maintain margins.


Bluekey assisted Breco by customising a SAP Business One implementation that streamlined their entire business. The implementation included a custom designed warehouse management system for Breco’s cold store. “Easily a third of the data capturing workload has been reduced,” says Neil Pascall, Breco’s Financial Director. “Additionally, we now have accurate on-demand information on stock: if a customer wants a particular type of fish I can see exactly how much we have in our purpose-built cold store and where it is, then sell it to him, whether it be 3kg or 3 tonnes, all while he is on the phone!”


“SAP Business One has improved our entire way of doing business – processes, functions, controls – everything is optimised. We’ve grown 15% per year since we’ve implemented SAP, yet we have surprisingly not needed extra administrative staff – this payroll saving alone paid for the system within 2 years!”


Neil also reports that SAP Business One’s sophisticated credit control and authorisation system is invaluable in the current economic climate. “If we were still on our old system we would have lost a fortune from bad debt in recent months – the management team would just be running around putting out fires. Now, however, everything is dealt with within a controlled environment – it’s business as usual – and we have the freedom to concentrate on further entrenching our position as market leader.”