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Customer focussed outcome-based SAP Business One user enablement and training


SAP Business One is a powerful, integrated business management platform built for growing SME’s. Once a business has taken the decision to partner with SAP Business One and Seidor Bluekey to configure, implement and run their business management system, it is important that these clients receive adequate training. In an attempt to provide as much detailed SAP Business One customer training as possible, Seidor Bluekey is embarking on a series of detailed 1hr+ customer enablement webinars. These SAP Business One training and insight sessions are geared towards solving practical challenges some users experience as well as pass over skilled knowledge and decades of experience. Our SAP Business One training and enablement sessions are aimed at SAP Business One users of all levels. These sessions can be used as a grassroots training platform, but also provide experienced users with additional insight into system functionality and digging deeper into the functionality of specific core modules. Our training and enablement sessions are feedback-driven, so if you as a Seidor Bluekey customer have any training requirement or functionality that you would like demonstrated to you then please reach out to your account manager who will gladly consider your request in the pipeline.

Integrated eCommerce Solutions for SAP Business One (featuring Aphix Software)
11 June 2019

Visual, modern, out of the box reporting for SAP Business One 22 May 2019

Improve Stock Management with Scanning in SAP Business One – 16 April 2019

Are you in safe hands with your IT Infrastructure Provider – 19 March 2019 | Download presentation

Boyum Dashboards and Print & Delivery – 19 February 2019

Financial Year-End Closing – 13 November 2018

Fixed Assets – 16 October 2018

Bank Statement Processing – 18 September 2018

General Data Prevention Regulation GDRP – 21 Aug 2018

Pervasive Analytics for SAP Business One – 17 July 2018

Production Enhancements – 19 June 2018

SAP Business One 9.3 Enablement – 29 May 2018