Decision making and control with SAP Business One

Intelligent Business Decision and Control with SAP Business One

“From the outset, SAP Business One had the required level of functionality to cope with our existing demands, and we could easily see how the solution could become a cornerstone to assist in the growth of the business.” Martin Buttkereit, Director, M Buttkereit Ltd

Intelligent business decision making and control

  • Managers receive alerts that not only focus attention on a particular business event, but also trigger workflow processes to automatically take action
  • Alerts are designed to notify a user of a discrepancy or an event they are monitoring within the organisation
  • These alerts can provide internal (on-line) information according to each employee’s role in the company. Each time a threshold is crossed an alert will trigger real time to the user that requested the notification
  • Alert drill-down gives instant visibility on detailed information as to what triggered the alert, which enables fully-informed decisions
  • Establish unique workflow processes, including the approvals, procedures and steps that are automatically initiated, allowing managers to instantly respond to the event


Proactive management by exception

SAP Business One allows immediate notification and automatic response to important business events through user programmable, workflow-based alerts to improve decision making and control. The system allows users to designate the activities they want to track and the acceptable range. When the system indicators fall out of range, the user (or whomever is designated) receives a notification allowing them to instantly respond to the event. Any breach of pre-set business policies triggers an immediate notification to the manager and initiates a workflow process to manage the event.

Quickly compose standard and ad hoc reports based on live data

XL Reporter allows users to quickly create ad-hoc reports for use with SAP Business One. The intuitive report composing functions provide the starting point for you to create reports using drag and drop features. A report definition wizard makes report creation effortless for virtually anyone. You can create custom queries of SAP Business One data with just a few mouse clicks. Once the system has generated the reports, you can drill-down on any piece of data to see underlying transactions to enhance decision making and control. In addition, you can view and refresh live data while creating queries.

Organise your reports

With XL Reporter you can manage and organise report definitions, executed reports and report books. Report-organising functions allow all reports to be refreshed at scheduled times. You can view and execute the reports within the main menu of SAP Business One, which simplifies report creation. For report distribution, you can package them into report books.


Management by Exception with SAP Business One