SAP Business One Distribution

Streamline your operations and increase efficiency and profitability

With SAP Business One Distribution your business is better equipped to optimise stock holding and increase internal efficiencies.

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In a highly competitive marketplace, wholesale and distribution companies have little room to manoeuvre. To be successful they must differentiate themselves by excelling at customer service and keeping prices competitive. Excelling at customer service involves a number of factors. Selecting the right product range is obviously crucial. But, beyond this, factors such as avoiding stock-outs, fast delivery, effective returns handling and proactive complaint handling are vital.

Competition on price is high and margins are continually under pressure. Consequently wholesalers and distributors must be constantly looking to optimise their stock holding and make their internal processes, from sales to shipping, purchasing to warehouse management, as streamlined and effective as possible.

SAP Business One business management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software brings sales, financial management, banking, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, and customer relationship management together. Used by more than 30,000 customers worldwide, it’s an affordable way to improve your business processes and reduce costs.

Increasingly, customers and suppliers demand automation, EDI and integration in the constant quest for lower cost, higher efficient and increased margins. As standard your solution should include the capability for easy 3PL logistics integration and integration to major retailers in South Africa.


Find out how SAP Business One Distribution can help optimise your business.

SAP Business One Distribution Features

  • Order-to-cash management – from entering customer orders, setting up deliveries, and updating stock balances to managing invoices and payments or collections
  • Inventory management – across multiple warehouses, using FIFO, moving-average, or standard costing
  • Tracking stock – transfers between warehouses, enabling consignment, drop-ship, and other orders; and performing inventory and cycle counts
  • Serial and batch number management
  • Visibility – into customers’ complete order history to predict demand and adjust inventory accordingly
  • Excess and inactive inventory – is identified and reconciled with open orders
  • Cash expenditures reduced – when meeting on-going and seasonal customer demand
  • Future inventory calibration – inventory is continually calibrated according to specific item, product category, seasonal demand, and individual customer requirements
  • Industry leading replenishment modelling achieves maximum efficiencies by replacing traditional min/max forecasting techniques

SAP Business One Distribution Benefits

  • Streamline order-to-cash process – through automated supply and distribution chain. Efficient order management ensure no sales opportunities lost; shortened cycle improves cash-flow and inventory turn
  • Immediate ROI – in most warehouse and distribution scenarios by freeing cash that is tied-up in surplus inventory with SAP Business One’s Valogix Inventory Planner
  • Improved Gross Profit – through flexible, date/volume/customer specific price lists, and GP approval processes, efficient quoting and improve decision making through greater visibility into the true costs of orders
  • Greater visibility – of stock, sales, opportunities, fulfillment, commissions, profits across ranges and areas for up-to-the-minute measurement of business performance, and improved forecasting
  • Reduce costs through optimized inventory management – reduced excess supply or waste, paper work, and costly shipping errors
  • Improve profit margins – with Increase customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate order processing
  • Improved Inventory management – reduced stock-outs, shrinkage and costs. Improved Pick and Pack management, and delivery performance
  • Automation – and integration to 3PL providers and major retailers
  • Improved traceability – means greater efficiency in the returns, warranty or recall processes