Stock visibility, compliance management and visibility into the supply chain are key elements for electrical components manufacturers to remain competitive.


The electrical industry is an extremely commoditised market that is characterised by cost pressures and low margins. Companies are heavily regulated and have to adhere to strict safety measures and production guidelines when producing electronic components. It is a highly competitive industry with new innovative manufacturers that constantly enter the electrical realm.

Electrical components manufacturers have to tackle the ongoing issue around inventory management. Without real-time insight into manufacturing processes and current stock holding, businesses run the risk of lost revenue due to theft, overstocking and holding discontinued items.

Visibility in the supply chain allows greater control over production and operational processes which can improve overall productivity.


SAP Business One is an affordable and easy-to-use integrated business management solution that seamlessly integrates all your key business functions. It is ideal for businesses seeking to gain greater control over operations by improving visibility into the supply chain, automating key production processes and tracking compliance. This integrated solution enables you to focus on innovation and optimising existing processes, while efficiently managing after-sales service to exceed customer expectations. Real-time reports deliver crucial information to enable decision-makers to make quicker, smarter and more informed strategic choices.


Some of the key benefits of the SAP Business One Electrical Components Solution include:


  • Optimised inventory through better resource planning, purchase ordering and production management.
  • Compliance to industry, quality and regulatory standards with clear, transparent data throughout the supply chain.
  • Business and customer base expansion with opportunity management and CRM. A complete customer view across sales, distribution, and financials helps you uncover new ways to serve your customers more effectively.
  • Reduce stock-holdingwith optimised purchasing, make to order manufacturing and efficient raw material management.
  • Take proactive control of your business through automatic alerts, workflows, and response to key business events and customer needs.
  • Streamline your operations by eliminating redundant data entries and errors through seamless integration of key business processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory, production and financials.


See our Electronic Components Solution in action!

“Everything is on one system now, so we have one reference point, one version of the truth and something that is accurate”

Adam Cox – CFO for Microtronix

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