Making better business decisions through real-time integrated data.


In an age of rapid globalisation, competition is higher than ever, and departments need to be aligned and integrated in order to achieve the organisation’s overall vision. No longer can business owners rely solely on financial data to guide decision making – information from each department is crucial to identify threats and areas of opportunity. We understand that your business has big goals and dreams, and in order to achieve them, strategic decisions need to be made to grow the organisational wealth of the business. In order to drive a responsive and profitable business, business managers and owners need to have accurate information about each and every business unit at their disposal.


One of the biggest problems that small and medium sizes companies have is where and how each department’s information is stored and collected. Most companies still reply on multiple systems and spreadsheets to collate and organise the information, which results in discrepancies between documents and manipulated or incorrect information. It becomes an administrative nightmare to manage, and it is very difficult for management and business owners to see where the accountability lies.

By gaining greater insight into the business with SAP Business One, managers and business owners are able to make informed decisions based on accurate business information to respond to environmental changes.

See your business clearly with business intelligence analytics from SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a comprehensive, easy-to-use business management system that is powerful enough to streamline your entire operation.  Each department can be seamlessly integrated and information can be synced between each employee, resulting in complete transparency and clearer insight into operational processes. SAP Business One captures the data into one system instead of multiple disconnected spreadsheets, therefore eliminating duplicate data entry, costing errors, and traceability and authorisation issues.

“I am able to tell at any moment what is selling, what isn’t selling, what our numbers are, what our margins are – I can find out just by clicking on a screen. I don’t have to go to the floor”.

Nick Stodel, Managing Director for Stodels

“SAP Business One has been a key role in us having all the information we need in real-time. We are able to track our product movement, see where the gaps are and address those.”

Wairimu Kimani, Marketing Manager for Kenya Nut

SAP Business One facilitates informed decision making by providing real-time reporting on the status of the business and critical business units. It captures all critical information across operations, sales, finance and customer and makes it instantly available to each employee company-wide.

Some of the key benefits of the reporting and analytics function in SAP Business One include:

  • Company-wide data is combined into a single management solution.
  • Empower employees to make informed decisions and resolve customer queries first-time around through shared customer profile data.
  • Easily set-up and customise reports that delivers the information needed to address critical business areas.
  • Easily track and measure KPI’s.
  • Customer needs can be addresses faster by analysing patterns of consumption and areas for production growth.
  • Confidently forecast future trends and patterns based on current and historical data.
  • Accurately track revenues, costs, and cash flow to asses the financial status of the business and take quick corrective action.
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Need to get clearer insight into your business to make more informed decisions?