Field Services

Business management as a platform for connecting field service teams.

Integration as a platform to improve field service delivery

Make sure you can uphold your service-delivery promise that customers and suppliers expect from you by integrating customer, service, field technician and management functions.

Better, faster, more efficient field service is the key success factor to increased customer satisfaction. Leading companies like yours are increasingly using technology to bolster revenue, expand into new markets and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Bluekey Seidor’s business management solution is flexible, mobile, real-time and user-friendly.


How to transform your company to achieve service profitability:

  • Service is not a function of one team or one division. Build a culture of service.
  • Learn from your customers. Todays economy is customer-driven. Establish feedback loops to gather data and improve products and service.
  • Measure and benchmark the performance of the service team. Track excellence, eliminate short-comings, and find potential opportunities for innovation.
  • Find out what motivates your service team. Link what matters to them with the operational metrics of the organisation.
  • Train your sales reps on the value of service. Service is not given away for free.

See SAP Business One Field Service in action

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