Automate tasks and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks to empower employees to contribute more meaningful work.

Business owners and managers will agree that a happy workforce is a productive workforce. As Richard Branson famously said, “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.” With that being said, managers and business owners need to continuously look for ways to motivate and nurture staff as this will reap huge profit and growth benefits for the business. One of the key aspects to consider is implementing systems to streamline tasks and processes, which will reduce the amount of time spent on administrative functions. Instead of spending countless hours reconciling spreadsheets and manually processing data, staff can rather focus on the core functionalities within their job roles, and can focus on creating value for your customers with each interaction. An integrated business management solution is critical to optimise your business and provides an essential set of tools for employees to make strategic and actionable decisions.

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“SAP Business One is very user-friendly. We have more people than ever before accessing the information they need to do their jobs optimally and efficiently. There is so much we want to do and we believe it will be possible with this solution.”

Rafael Fernandes – Group Financial Director of AEL Mining Services

SAP Business One: Giving employees the correct tools to make more informed decisions.

SAP Business One is specifically tailored to meet all your small to medium business needs. It is designed to optimise processes by streamlining tasks and automating certain administrative functions. By having access to accurate data, employees are able to make strategic and actionable decisions that will contribute positively to the organisational wealth of the business. Employees will feel more empowered and confident in their decisions, resulting in a happier and more productive work force. SAP Business One has powerful streamlining capabilities, such as automating certain administrative functions. This means that employees can focus on the core functions within their job roles and can deliver more meaningful and impactful work. Business owners are aware that any business that employs staff is prone to human error at times. SAP Business One reduces the occurrence and threat of human error by implementing controls and procedures to ensure that best practices are followed at all times.

“We really get to deliver efficiencies in a new way into our business, through how our employees operate and interact with the systems as well as what the system does for our business.”

Justin Moore – CEO of Excellerate Services

Some of the key benefits of SAP Business One include:

  • Admin load and tasks are reduced
  • Integration & real-time data removes the need for backing up individual data
  • Tasks that were previously time-consuming and repetitive can now be automated
  • Employees can offer realistic and achievable deadlines due to clear operational insight
  • Employees are empowered to make logical and actionable decisions, as they have access to up-to-date information
  • Overall productivity is boosted due to efficient systems making tasks run more smoothly and departments more coherently
  • Critical business information is captured and stored in a single system that can be accessed by each department
  • Employees can efficiently handle customer queries and warranty/service claims through instant access to customer data

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“We are living in a world of change where only the best are going to survive and as the market gets more complicated you have to perform better – I don’t see how we could do that without SAP Business One.”

James Arthur – Managing Director for Creighton Products (Pty) Ltd.

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