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Manufacturing companies operate under the premise that optimised production processes and effective inventory management are crucial to meet profitability objectives. However, most manufacturing businesses lack the internal systems to effectively manage and streamline tasks. Relying on manual processes is time consuming and prone to human error, which could result in huge financial implications for the business. As inventory management and cost-effective production are the most common pain points for small to medium sized businesses that engage primarily in light manufacturing, it is crucial that these elements are properly managed and optimised to meet and exceed customer demands. An integrated business management system, such as SAP Business One, is an essential tool for manufacturers to manage inventory across multiple locations and warehouse, and to effectively schedule production to balance supply and demand.

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SAP Business One for Manufacturing Businesses

SAP Business One is a comprehensive business management system that effectively and efficiently manages your business, from financials, sales, procurement to production and customer relationship management. SAP Business One is powerful enough to offer best-practice functionality, ensuring that your manufacturing business is operating optimally. It improves on-time delivery and efficiently balances supply and demand, reducing the chances of stock-outs and surplus inventory. Due to it’s integrated functionality, SAP Business One accurately manages inventory across multiple warehouses and locations, giving business owners and sales agents complete, real-time insight into stock-holding. A number of inventory valuation models are provided, as well as support consignment and drop shipping. SAP Business One facilitates core production planning, material requirements planning, production orders management and multiple types of bills of materials (BOMs). With its mobile functionality, SAP Business One gives you the freedom to access real-time information on inventory and production orders from your desktop or mobile device, whether you are in the office, at the warehouse, or at a remote location.

“We wanted a software solution that would integrate our data and processes, and enable us to react quickly to events both inside the company and throughout our business ecosystem. SAP Business One helps make daily operations more efficient, saving valuable time that can be spent on strategic planning, satisfying customers and achieving profitable growth.”

Rakesh Rao – CEO | Crown Paints


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