Gain complete inventory visibility to streamline production and operational processes which improves overall productivity.


Having accurate insight into real-time stock levels ensures that production is scheduled to match supply and demand. This will have a positive effect on cash flow, as working capital can now be freed from excess stock. Electronic components manufacturers constantly operate under tight margins and carrying excess inventory for extended periods can place huge financial strain on the business. Manual stock taking can also become an extremely arduous task for electronic component manufacturers, as there are many different components to account for. For example,  there are thousands of different parts in one PC Board, and companies simply do not have time resources needed to accurately track stock manually. Without real-time insight into manufacturing processes and current stock-holding, businesses run the risk of lost revenue due to theft, overstocking and holding discontinued items.

SAP Business One for Electronic Components Manufacturers


SAP Business One is a powerful business management solution that seamlessly integrates production and operational processes with sales figures to provide a comprehensive inventory overview. It is an easy-to-use solution that provides accurate real-time insight into stock levels. A single and birds-eye view of your business can help maintain control and achieve sustainable profits by streamlining operations across the board. SAP Business One for Electronics is ideal for businesses seeking to gain greater control over operations by improving visibility into the supply chain, automating key production processes and tracking compliance.

Some of the key features of our SAP Business One for Electronic Components Manufacturers include:

  • Integrated systems: This ensures that production is controlled and maintained in a central location – resulting in maximum productivity output
  • Service Management: Efficiently managing customer service queries to aid in customer retention and query resolution
  • Inventory Management: Effective management and control of inventory shortens the order to cash cycle by reducing back-orders/short orders, and matching procurement against demand
  • Opportunity and Relationship Management: Tools to manage interactions, pipelines and opportunities with clients enables the sales staff to focus on the business of selling
  • Instant Reporting: Critical business information is readily available in a multitude of formats, such as capacity, workload and availability of materials reports

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