Large Enterprise (LE) Integration

SAP Business One is a comprehensive ERP solution that’s easy to use, deploy and maintain

The continuous drive to reduce costs in inter-company trade, and through the supply chain, drives much of the integration effort in information systems today. Integration is a challenge though – requiring deep IT expertise, long implementation times and high-levels of maintenance. So running incompatible systems across the business network is no longer viable.

Through the release of SAP Business One Integration for Netweaver (B1iSN), large enterprises can now explore the cost effective ways of integrating their subsidiaries, operating divisions, suppliers and trade partners to gain control, increase visibility and reduce costs


Get the best of both worlds by having a powerful SAP Business Suite system in your head office and an easy-to-use solution that supports all necessary processes in your smaller subsidiaries.

  • It is localised for more than 40 countries, but also has a small footprint in terms of TCO and end user skills
  • It can run on-premise or hosted, overcoming infrastructure limitations prevalent in much of Africa
  • Lack of infrastructure in rural areas in Africa are suited to on-premise operations, instead of replying on internet connections
  • SAP Business One is very easy to use and can eliminate the challenge of computer literacy
  • It is quick to implement, and well suited to a template based roll-out
  • It gives smaller subsidiaries the independence they need to be flexible, but with central oversight and control


It provides head-office with an accurate, up-to-date view of the entire business, including remote divisions and subsidiaries. Operationally, it automates many of the key transactions between head-office and subsidiary, subsidiary and subsidiary, etc. including:

  • Synchronisation of master data between all corporate entities
  • Distribution of logistics transactions between business partners
  • Central reporting, control and streamlining between business partners


The integration packages are customisable and definable – so head-office has full control over the extent, complexity and timing of integration. It’s also useful to integrate business partners (even the small ones) to extend business networks to further reduce costs and improve efficiency in the supply chain.


Westrocon is an SAP Business All-in-One partner specializing in integrating systems and supporting efficiency. The company has positioned itself as the ideal partner to complete SAP Business One projects involving integration, especially integration with SAP Business Suite (R3).

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As the most successful and fastest growing SAP Business One partner in Africa, Bluekey enjoys a reputation for on-time delivery of complex business management solutions to SME’s. Bluekey will be partnering with Versino (Germany) for those companies that have European head offices, and subsidiaries in Africa, to drive integration, efficiency, profitability and growth. We partner with only the best to make sure that your needs are taken care of and your business can reap the rewards.

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