Understand, measure & improve your manufacturing business

  • Is technology innovation challenging financial tradition?
  • Can you build brand equity & the bottom line simultaneously?
  • Do you know your OEE score?
  • Get alerted when an operation/machine suddenly stops
  • How does planned maintenance affect your production planning?
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The right business management software for your business

SAP Business One has been specifically designed for small and medium businesses. The SAP® Business One application is a unique and affordable solution to manage your entire company including the areas of finance, sales, operations and customer relations. More than 60,000 companies in 150 countries choose this software to manage all the processes of their business.

Does your system align quality control between the various stakeholders in your supply chain?


Are you confident in your ability to track financial & industry regulation changes?

SAP Business One is built on 45 years of best practices and industry influence. With Arguably the largest R&D spend on any single product in our sector we concentrate on making sure your business process’s align and allows you to drive the business forward. With functionality and reporting that takes into account what matters to you, SAP Business One will allow you to report in metrics that matter. Options include projects, attributes, segmented accounting, journal dimension functionality, cost and profit centers.

Are you able to standardise financial functions throughout the supply chain?

Order entry and stock management has never been easier. SAP Business One makes use of highly intuitive interfaces allowing for employees of varies skills to interact effectively. Workflow management and clever functionality allows for more effective processing and a significant reduction in errors.

Can you prioritise payments and stock management simultaneously?

Mastering your cashflow is key to running your business profitably. Tools including our advanced warehouse functionality, Available-to-Promise and MRP allows for a lean warehouse, increased sales and increased cash flow keeping you ready and agile.

Are your systems helping or hindering customer care and providing feedback for process optimisation?


Are you making educated decisions based on integrated data points?

Live and accurate reporting across the company is the only way to stay on top of the business and ahead of the competition. SAP HANA Analytics allow you to see KPI’s and initiative advanced reporting live and specific to your requirements.

Do you have centralised inter-departmental communication to maintain SLA's?

CRM across for every user and an integrated service module are some of the key features that allows for a greater understanding of SLA’s. Whether you’re looking to improve how your customer perceives you or to understand if your making or losing money SAP Business One has you covered.

Can you identify SPECIFIC areas for improvement in the supply & production chain?

Managing by exception is key to freeing up time to drive the business forward. SAP Business One deliver information outside of your business rules to key individuals allowing them to take decisive action based on your data reducing the amount of errors and time take to find them.

Manufacturing systems, processes & procedures are changing – are you able to keep up and adapt?


Do you enforce quality through digital stakeholder management systems or manual interventions?

Our customers use standard functionality in batch, lot and serial number tracking to further enhance their QC on products. Utilising tailored features like QC grades or quick links to lab or engineering data, or varies other industry specific needs, are what will separate elevate you above the competitions product.

Do you have clear insight into parts & supplier process flow in case of a recall?

Having warranty and guaranties against purchased stock reduces the time it takes to replace resolve any issues. Besides the benefit of a “swop out” instead of a purchase the real benefit is the way and speed in which you are able to react. To production you may be able to identify future problems with similar parts and to customers you will be able to resolve problems more effectively with the direct result of increased customer retention.

Can you measure and track customer satisfaction against production output quality?

At what point to we sacrifice quality for quantity? SAP Business One allows you to monitor real time problems as and when they happen making sure that more product reaches more customer with quality you can be proud of.

Can you yield a higher return from your machines & production lines without having to increase shift hours?


What does your availability look like during planned production time?

Extracting the time it takes to make something is simply not enough when planning your production schedule. SAP Business One allows you to take into account available operators, tooling times, holidays and even shifts to help you to understand your actual capacity.

Does your system alert you to underperforming machines before it impacts overall output speed?
Our customers make use of standard SAP Functionality to help them understand when its time to repair or replace. The same functionality can also be used understand if production volumes or yields are being met making sure that you are aware of issues before they become problems.
Can you plot your production schedule with automated output tracking and built-in escalations?

Are you production metrics being met? Are they being realized after the fact or as they happen? Do you feel like you are policing the production floor instead of driving production efficiencies? SAP Business One allows you to have the right stock, at the right time, to produce the right thing and completed exactly when you need to deliver it.  We are able to notify you of delays and late deliveries making sure that lean manufacturing is not just a production strategy, it’s the preferred way you operate.

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TRUST Seidor with your Digital Transformation journey


Present in the market for more than 35 years, and with its own offices in Europe, Latin America, the United States, the Middle East and Africa, Seidor is a multinational technology consultancy with a growing footprint into African markets.

Our group of companies covers everything from IT hardware, software and analytics through to consulting, support and environment monitoring for companies who are looking to grow their market share and reinforce brand equity.

Solution features include, but not limited to:

  • Warehouse management
  • Bill of Materials with advanced functionality
  • Resource module to take care of plant, equipment & operators
  • Warranty Management
  • Service modules to take care of customer interactions
  • Clear visibility into the cost of manufacturing
  • Manufacturing processes to leverage Industry best-practices
  • Brand security by leveraging
  • Optimised supply chain management for specific manufacturing businesses
  • Increase your market share through improved customer experiences

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