Using technology to gain better financial control & improve cash flow


We know that your business has big dreams and big goals. Therefore, a healthy cash flow and optimised financial management are crucial components of any growing business. It is important to know what the status of your business’ financials, as this will influence key business decisions and development not only in the present, but in the future as well. Sound financial management will improve the sustainability of your business and will inevitably grow the business as funds are more freely available for investment – contributing to the increase in organisational wealth.

Do you want to maximise your company's profit margins?

SAP Business One: A solution to help grow your business and manage your financials.


SAP Business One is a robust, cost-effective and easy-to-use business management solution that gives you complete visibility over the organisation. With industry-specific solutions available, SAP Business One is designed specifically for small to medium businesses in Africa. Different from traditional accounting packages, SAP Business One is powerful enough to help your business grow by streamlining and integrating key business functions and departments to work as a seamless, cohesive unit.

One of the key benefits of SAP Business One is that it has the ability to maximise profit margins, and therefore increase the organisational wealth of the business. It gives management complete control and insight over organisational processes and enables better financial management to get a clear understanding of the business’ financial position and cash flow status.

“Just after we implemented SAP Business One, our management was able to grow the business because they could get proper performance reports and KPI reports, and they could move the business according to the reports that they got”

Duncan Riungu – Head of IT, Hashi Energy.

Maximise your margins with SAP Business One


  • Increase cash flow by managing expenses
  • Accurate organisational insight facilitates strategic business decisions and identifies opportunities for growth
  • Optimised stock holding and procurement
  • Compare budget vs actual to control expenses
  • Maximise customer relationships to build loyalty and repeat purchases
  • Easily compare suppliers to negotiate better deals
  • Expertly match demand and supply
  • Increased employee productivity and production output due to automation of tasks
  • Streamlined management of assets and investments
  • Efficient tracking of the status of sales activities
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