Deliver projects on time and within budget through streamlined planning

Project management is often a complex juggling act that involves managing crucial timelines, multiple resources and strict budgets. The larger your projects are, the more difficult they are to effectively manage, as there are more variables that could affect the profitability and success of the project. Access to historical data about past projects and future resource capacity is crucial to develop an effective project plan with realistic objectives.

The manufacturing and engineering industry is a dynamic space that is driven by fierce competition, resulting in rapid innovation. In order to achieve profit margin objectives, engineering and manufacturing firms need a comprehensive project planning system that streamlines, integrates and manages all variables. This will result in less time being spent on mundane administrative tasks, and more time on improving client satisfaction through successful project completion.

Do you want to manage project planning in a single solution?

SAP Business One Projects

SAP Business One Projects is a powerful and comprehensive project planning tool, that integrates project timelines to resources, budgets and final costings. It serves as a platform to encourage productivity and decrease overhead time by streamlining and allocating tasks and activities to available resources in an integrated browser-based application. SAP Business One simplifies the project planning process by storing all project and resource data into a single location. It provides essential planning tools that helps empower project management team members to execute tasks timeously and seamlessly by eliminating data errors and reducing planning complexity.

“Tighter controls in critical business processes, better reporting, increased transparency in terms of system changes and insight to where the business is going benefited us greatly.”

Peter Laubscher, IT Systems & Telecommunications Manager, MTU South Africa.

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Some of the key benefits of SAP Business One Projects for Project Planning:


  • Project proposals containing accurate budgets and timelines can be easily and quickly created by copying from similar projects.
  • More precise proposals can be quickly created in a matter of days by comparing actual project data against estimates.


  • Choose the level of detail (simple to complex) to suit your project’s requirements.
  • Accurate management and billing through flexible, multi-level work breakdown structures and adaptable billing modes.


  • Depending on the complexity of the project, resources can either be assigned to the whole project, or to single activities.
  • Ensure that resources are available as and when you need them by gaining complete insight into individual resource capacity.


  • Pricing can now be simplified by implementing a standard price list that automatically sets the costs and sales rates for all resources and expenses across all projects. Individual projects can be modified and resources customised to adapt to specific markets, seasons and industries.
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