Make faster, more informed decisions around projects.


In the manufacturing industry, business owners and project managers will agree that the key to creating a distinct advantage over competitors is to optimise business processes, streamline functions and find areas of innovation. We live in an age that’s been coined as the 4th Industrial Revolution, whereby the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, cloud technology, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are set to disrupt and change the manufacturing industry as we know it. For small to medium businesses, the future of the manufacturing industry may be daunting as business owners need to prepare their operations to welcome this technology in the future. These technologies all harness the power of data to function, and therefore business owners need to introduce a business management system that integrates all company data and makes it immediately accessible to each department. This not only streamlines and optimises processes, but it also provides employees with unparalleled, real-time information to make smarter and more strategic business decisions.

Do you want to get instant insight into the performance of your projects?

SAP Business One for Projects:


SAP Business One Projects is a comprehensive project management tool that provides a complete overview of projects and the business as a whole. Projects can now be evaluated on the basis of profitability through real-time budget tracking. SAP Business One provides a comprehensive company-level project plan enables you to make informed decisions about future projects and to plan resources more efficiently. It also provides deep insight into the company performance as a whole, and key metric reports can be setup to give you the most relevant information for your business.

“Tighter controls in critical business processes, better reporting, increased transparency in terms of system changes and insight to where the business is going benefited us greatly.”

Peter Laubscher, IT Systems & Telecommunications Manager, MTU South Africa.

Business Intelligence from SAP Business One Projects



  • Current and invoiced costs can be easily compared to the original budget to identify the financial status of the project.
  • Potential budget issues and overruns can be easily and proactively identified, so that adjustments or project adaptions can be made.


  • A comprehensive company-level project plan enables you to make informed decisions about future projects and to plan resources more efficiently.
  • A company-level project plan gives managers a comprehensive view of the schedules, budgets and planned labour hours for all current and future projects.


  • Gain complete insight into the overall business performance through real-time key-metric reporting.
  • Gain deeper project and company performance insight through expense, project and financial reports. Each report is customizable, and can be setup using your preferred parameters and filters.
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