SAP Business One Retail Software

Take a look at the powerful and fully integrated retail software solution for SAP Business One

A complete, end-to-end omnichannel suite that delivers value to customers at every touchpoint.


As a retailer, you know that the retail business isn’t just about selling a product at the lowest price. It’s about finding ways to create unique shopping experiences that attract new customers and strengthen the loyalty of customers you already have. It’s about keeping your finger on the pulse of trends and adapting to changes in customer behavior and tastes. This requires better insight into inventory and logistics, and the ability to make sure you have the right inventory on hand to meet customer demand. In today’s market, consumers hold all the power, and in order to maintain the competitive advantage, retailers need to focus on capitalising every interaction to build loyalty. In response to a weak economic environment, retailers are focusing on two key pillars, namely customer relationship management and technological systems.


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Improve the retail experience for your customer by integrating eCommerce, loyalty programmes, online coupons, POS and Mobile POS into a single solution that promises to recognise and reward shoppers wherever they interact. Our retail solution is an unique end-to-end omnichannel suite that consists of several integrated modules including Enterprise, Loyalty, eCommerce, Mobile, Passes and Reporting & Analytics, designed to automate and manage all retail processes. Available on terminal and mobile devices, our retail retail solution’s multi-store, multi-user, e-commerce, loyalty-ready abilities empower retailers to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

The connected shopper wants to interact with retailers through a variety of touch points, and they expect the same level of service at each point, as well as equal loyalty programmes across all platforms. It is now possible to run your entire operation – from loyalty programmes, eCommerce and POS through to financial reporting, inventory management and business intelligence – in a single, integrated solution.


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Why choose the SAP Business One retail software solution?

It is an end business integration tool that provides you with real time insight into the entire business to allow for better, more informed decision-making. Complete on-line and off-line trading functionality, which means that your system keeps on working without interruption. Stay connected with a comprehensive retail solution that uses SAP Business One for head office operations and retail management to manage stores and POS operations. Inventory control and replenishment with stock visibility across the retail chain. Retain customers and manage customer communication with comprehensive CRM and loyalty programmes to keep customers coming back to your stores. Fast, easy and accurate transaction processing enhancing the customer’s shopping experience while requiring minimum staff training.

SAP Business One Retail Software Features

Integrated ERP

Point of Sale seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One retail software to provide all the functionality a progressive retailer needs to optimize their operation.

It’s the solution of choice for SAP Business One users requiring a fast, stable, easy-to-use, feature rich Point-of-Sale solution targeted at a wide range of industries. These industries range from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to Factory Shops and Hospitality

Point of Sale (POS)

Operating in the fast paced retail environment, your retail business demands a software solution to process your sales efficiently. SAP Business One retail software offers retailers in any environment the opportunity to maximise efficiency and speed at checkout.

The comprehensive, fully integrated solution has built in flexibility to offer single- or multi-site and single- or multi-terminal capability. The power of rapid processing and ease-of-use, allows your business to focus on customer needs. Peace-of-mind benefits are the outcome of a functional system that does not place extra overhead or burden on your business, but rather gives you the opportunity to focus on profitability.

The SAP Business One Retail Management solution brings the retail aspects of your operation together and provides you with a 360 degree view of your business. Real-time integration and reporting allows business managers to make quick and informed decisions, as all critical business information is instantly accessible. Standard reports are available and accessible and can be previewed on screen, printed or exported to Excel, Word and other applications. Whether your business operates cash, credit or a combination of systems, the availability of information will reveal trends and give you the competitive advantage.

Mobile POS

SAP Business One Mobile POS is a full function Mobile POS App running on iOS or Android platforms. The mobile devices are connected to the ERP backend or to the Store depending on preference and circumstances. Our mobile POS solution provides access to all core point of sale and customer service functionality. This means shoppers can be helped wherever they are in the store either by answering their questions about products and stock levels or by processing their transactions quickly and efficiently.

Online Shopping (E-Commerce)

The Webstore offering e-commerce and m-commerce is the next logical step for any retailer wanting to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. It provides retailers with the ability to have a 24/7 sales operation without incurring the overheads of having staff available in a brick and mortar location.

Customers can enjoy an enhanced shopping experience with multimedia content and detailed product information from any location. Multiple shipping and payment options provide choice and flexibility.

The Webstore is fully integrated with the back-office ensuring seamless synchronisation with the physical retail operation, while simplifying web catalogue maintenance.

The Webstore can also be implemented as a stand-alone store for customers who exclusively need a web based presence, be it for the purpose of retail sales transactions or purely to provide a point of presence and product display area. The Webstore features a full blown content management system enabling customers to build their entire website around it.


Loyalty Rewards

SAP Business One retail software offers retailers a points & rewards application designed to significantly improve customer retention by continuously bringing them back and improving customer satisfaction levels. Flexible Loyalty Plans with multiple earning and redemption features make the SAP Business One Retail loyalty rewards an important solution for retailers who want to reward returning customers.

  • Setup and manage multiple loyalty schemes which assign points on customer purchases
    Redeem loyalty points against new customer purchases
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed across the network of stores

Passes is an electronic service for digital gift cards, coupons, loyalty rewards, sometimes known as digital wallet. SAP Business One Retail Passes allow you to market to your customers in more imaginative ways and at lower cost.  It is a platform for deploying Digital Passes on Apple Wallet and Android devices. It is provided as a cloud based, subscription service that integrates seamlessly with your point of sale and other channels. Passes also have the advantages of geo-tagging stores and outlets, periodic notifications about expiring coupons, and incorporate several languages into one Pass.

Store Management

Head office / In-Store management from SAP Business One retail software offers complete back office functionality to both Head Office and stores. It provides the respective managers with complete control over activities within each of the stores.

In-Store transactions are replicated to the Head Office, allowing employees to have a 360 degree view of the business and to provide managers with the information they need to decrease decision making times.

A single management application is used for Head Office as well as stores. Additional retail specific master data can be managed from any terminal by an appropriately authorised user.

Day to day store operation tasks, such as POS and cash management, stock replenishment and counts, label printing and customer management are all performed from this application.

Reporting & Analytics

Effective retail management is a data driven process, and up-to-the minute access to complete, and accurate data is the basis of effective decision making. SAP Business One retail software makes the relevant information available at the stores and the back-office in real-time.

Seamlessly integrated into SAP Business One Retail, Reporting and Analytics leverages transactional data of the overall retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight, which is functional and actionable.

Dashboards provide snapshots of key performance metrics – on your computer or your mobile device.

After Sales Service

Services, repairs and alterations are seamlessly embedded in the POS to simplify the process of providing optimal after sales service.

Additionally, appointments can be scheduled against service resources to avoid delays and manage customer expectations.

The entire process is managed on a single document, with parts as well as labour, simplifying billing and enhancing the customer’s service experience.

Multi-Branch & Franchise

Most retailers say that running a single store is challenging but manageable. With more experience and earnings, retailers often decide to spread their wings and open new stores. However, as they expand, they often complain that their systems are unable to cope with the increased transactions, staff, and management required.

Many retailers try to apply the same formula that worked in the 1 or 2 stores. Interconnecting stores via multiple systems that do not interact with each other can prove expensive, especially considering the investment required for communication and IT infrastructure, as well as license and support fees. How can a retailer expand efficiently? By choosing a retail management system with multi-store POS capability, such as SAP Business One retail software -- a cost-effective, fully integrated POS solution.

With SAP Business One retail software, all data is centralized -- for ease of access from anywhere, anytime. Because all store data is in one central database you can access reports and manage store inventory across your multiple locations, to give greater centralised control of your stores and allow you to make better strategic decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Acquiring new customers is important for any business, but maintaining customer relationships is just as crucial. SAP Business One retail software provides retailers with the tools to turn prospects into customers, grow customer profitability and sales, and
increase customer satisfaction.

SAP Business One Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps your business optimize and streamline the entire sales process – from tracking leads to managing sales orders and customer data, to administering after-sales support.

With the sales and opportunity management tools you can create quotes, enter orders, access real-time information on all your warehouses, and process deliveries or purchases. You can record new sales opportunities with relevant information such as lead source, potential competition, deal size, and sales stage. You can synchronize your tasks, contacts, and opportunities between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook while gaining instant access to snapshots of customer data from your e-mail.


An essential component of any retail operation is the planning function. Using the right toolset eliminates the use of spreadsheets and gut-feel, and provides the ability to quickly, easily and accurately forecast requirements, and then automatically convert the requirements into purchase orders.

SAP Business One retail software reduces risk of wrong item mix, stock-outs, over-stocks and excess or obsolete inventory.

The result: optimized stock investment, purchasing efficiencies, increased customer satisfaction and overall productivity gains.

Do you need an integrated retail software solution?

If your stores aren’t integrated or providing you with the insights you need to succeed

SAP Business One Retail Management Software Benefits

  • Facilitate quick and seamless transactions on-or-offline through fast, reliable POS
  • Store assistants can solve customer queries faster by having complete visibility into stock holding from the front end
  • Mobile POS makes it possible to take payment on the floor – removing the need for a fixed counter to reducing queueing time. Can also be used remotely at pop-up stores, or events.
  • Customer data is built into the front end of both the standard and mobile POS systems, giving store assistants access to customer profiles, as well as customer specific coupons or rewards to enhance the customer experience.
  • Avoid stock-outs by integrating the eCommerce platform to the physical stores, as well as inventory holding in the warehouse and financial back-end. By integrating into the backend system, administrative tasks, such as payment reconciliations, is automatically captured into the system, therefore reducing manual inputs and human error.
  • Built-in business intelligence on the eCommerce platform ensures that products and promotions are placed strategically to maximise purchasing. Promotions, loyalty programmes and rewards can be tailored for each shopper and outcomes analysed.
  • Build and improve customer loyalty through tailored loyalty programmes configured around customer & product groups. Tiered levels of membership can be created that automatically promote customers using a determined set of rules, therefore encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Consumers have complete control over their loyalty programme by accessing the online loyalty portal to review and redeem rewards, as well as update their information to receive more targeted rewards.
  • Loyalty system can be built into the mobile environment, enabling consumers to purchase, browse and redeem loyalty points. Gift cards, coupons and discounts using their mobile phone. This integrates into the backend system, meaning that all information is recorded in a single location which streamlines admin tasks.
  • Use geo-fence technology to send through push notifications about discounts or special offers to consumers’ phones to encourage customers to enter physical stores.