SAP Business One 9.2 - Administration

Import from Excel, Restriction on concurrent user, Document Approval and Data Ownership with SAP Business One 9.2 Administration

sap business one 9.2 logoThe latest release of SAP Business One is version 9.2 which forms part of the Release Family 9. This release family also includes an upgrade version 9.1. Some of the functional enhancements found in the latest version include administration, financial management, project management, business intelligence, inventory, MRP, lifecycle management and more new access platforms.

SAP Business One 9.2

Extension of Field Lengths

The following fields have been extended to 50 characters:

  • Item No.
  • BP Catalogue No.
  • Resource No.
  • Mnf. Catalogue No.
  • User Code (extended to 25 characters).


  • Greater flexibility to define various items of the same product distinguished by different attributes such as; size, colour, height & width.
  • Supports greater range of naming conventions.

extension of field length in sap business one 9.2

Quick Copy

The following data categories are now supported:

  • User group authorisation
  • Data ownership (Documents & Business Partners)
  • Forecasts
  • Completion of the Financials module
  • Field naming and formatting
  • Multi-language translation
  • Cockpits and dashboards (Only non Fioristyle cockpits and dashboards are supported.)


  • Quick Copy is now more powerful and flexible to use by supporting more objects, making it easy to copy or update objects such as group authorisations and forecasts.

quick copy in sap business one 9.2

Data Ownership

Data ownership management extended to business partners.

Restrict access and visibility to:

  • Business Partner Master Data
  • Documents using Business partner with owners

Manage data ownership by:

  • Documents Only: Permissions are defined per document.
  • Business Partners Only: Permissions to documents are defined by whether users are assigned ownership of the business partner used in documents.
  • Business Partners and Documents: When Business Partners have owners, permissions to documents are decided by whether users are assigned ownership of the business partner used in documents. When Business Partners have no owner, permissions are decided per document

Bypass Data Ownership for Business Partners of a specific user by granting access at Company level.

Restrict system reports like Open Items List to reflect only results against specific Business Partners for specific users.

Exclude specific restrictions and enable read access.


  • Additional layer of authorization and security.
  • Enhanced usability as only relevant data is considered.
  • Safe guard company information against data theft.

1 data ownership in sap business one 9.2 data ownership in sap business one 9.2

Job Service
  • New service available in System Landscape Directory: SAP Business One Job Service.
  • Manage alert settings on the server-side.
  • Send alerts when SAP Business One client is closed.
  • AlertSvc user is a predefined user to send internal messages or trigger SAP Business One Mailer to send E-mail.
  • Service Layer needs to be installed for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA



  • Ability to receive alerts at anytime whenever they occur to meet business demands.

job service in sap business one 9.2


Approval Procedure

You can set documents to go through an approval process upon update, if the document was not generated upon approval. For example, if a document was generated without approval and a user subject to approval attempts to make updates to this document, an approval process is initiated. These updates need to be approved before being added to the document.

Import from Excel

You can now import the following data types from Microsoft Excel into SAP Business One; Prices Lists & Business Partner catalogue numbers.

ENTER Key as a TAB key

You can now use the ENTER key on the numeric keypad as the TAB key to move between fields for faster data entry. Furthermore, the DOT key on the numeric keypad can be used as the separator you defined on the Display tab in the General Settings window. You can also disable the document operations (Add, Update, OK) by the main ENTER key.

License Mechanism

The license mechanism now prevents users from logging into the same company with the same user code which is already logged in for Indirect Users and Browser Access. You can either cancel your logon or confirm your logon (which will lock out the other user using the user account).

License Server

License server based on https is now fully integrated into the System Landscape Directory. No additional license file is needed on further servers to support a high availability landscape.