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Welcome to Cloud hosting with the SAP Business One Cloud

With a Cloud environment, you only pay a monthly fee for the services that you actually use and simply add or remove features for greater cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Business owners and managers will agree that implementing an ERP requires a substantial up-front investment. Traditionally, ERP’s were only available on-premise, which meant that companies had to budget extensive time, office space and money towards hosting a server internally. With the arrival of Cloud Computing, companies no longer have to house and install their own servers -- they can simply tap into an existing server that is housed in the Cloud. This gives companies the relief from doing everything in-house, which reduces maintenance costs, consulting costs and time spent on upgrades.

Digital Tranformation and SAP Business One Cloud

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Transforming businesses in Africa with SAP Business One Cloud:


Running SAP Business One in the Cloud frees up your business from the financial and time costs of maintaining servers, back-ups and managing infrastructure specifications. It delivers strong business management functionality whereby data is stored in a safe and secure platform that has state-of-the-art cyber and physical security. For small to medium sized businesses, SAP Business One Cloud is the perfect solution to manage your growing business as it allows provides a quick return on investment as the solution is deployed with minimal disruptions or delays. SAP Business One is built with flexibility in mind, and as your business changes and grows, you can adapt and extend the software to fulfil your needs. With SAP Business One Cloud, you can now leverage the benefits of integrated business management to help you run a leaner and more agile business.


Accessing SAP Business One Cloud using a software-as-a-service model allows you to focus on your business, not your technology.

Kenya Nut SAP Business One

“With everything being online, all documentation and information, I could be anywhere in the world and be in touch and have a pulse of what’s happening on a real-time basis.”

Mbugua Ngugi 
Managing Director -- Kenya Nut

Hashi Energy | SAP Business One Customer Story

“I don’t keep any spread sheets and I don’t have any side systems that I do manually. With SAP Business One, we do not need to do anything outside the system.”

Pauline Ndungu
​Group Financial Controller -- Hashi Energy

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What are some of the benefits associated with running your business in the in cloud?

Safe and secure data protection: Your data is stored in SAP’s secure data centres (the 6th largest in the world) which feature the highest level of cyber-security and physical security on site.

Transparent, monthly pricing: SAP Business One Cloud’s costing is affordable, easy to understand, transparent and straightforward. Payment terms are based on the number of users and the length of your contract, starting at 12 months. This gives you the power to tailor the terms to fit the exact needs of your business.

Scaleable and flexible: As an SME, you need a solution that can grow with you. SAP Business One Cloud makes it much easier and quicker to upscale hardware resources, such as adding more RAM, increasing the storage size and increasing the processing power. With an on-premise model, upscaling resources requires technical and on-site assistance.

Automatic updates: Delivers constant innovation. Updates are implemented automatically as SAP enhances and improves their business solution.

Cost-effective: There is no need to invest in hardware foundations or experienced IT employees, as SAP Business One Cloud is managed and supported online and off-site. This ensure costs are kept to a minimum, and reduces overall technology overheads.

Zero hardware management: No server means no maintenance costs, no firewall costs and no server software costs. Therefore, you don’t have to invest time, money and resources into hardware.

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