SAP Business One Human Resources (HR)

Human Capital Management with SAP Business One and PLEDGE

All over the world, companies are realising the productivity gains that can be achieved with the introduction of a complete Human Resource Management solution into their workplace. PLEDGE and SAP Business One provides you with the tools you need to manage your companies most important assets – its employees.

PLEDGE is a full feature Human Capital Management Solution designed with the needs of every business in mind. A robust Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that is Country specific and Statutory compliant, with highly customizable templates available for many countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. This simple yet powerful solution offers features that are on par with Enterprise class HR solutions across platforms. With potential for strong integration with SAP Business Suite (R/3) and other SAP ERP products, Pledge with Business One will provide an opportunity to implement swiftly a robust yet cost effective solution.

Modern businesses expect their Human Resource (HR) departments to make tangible contributions towards the growth and direction of the company. However, lack of robust systems to cater to the unique information system demands of these departments makes it difficult to make strategic decisions or monitor the day to day operations as long as Human Resource (HR) teams are challenged by administrative tedium and inaccurate or difficult to obtain information.

The PLEDGE SAP Business One HR solution offer 3 different packages (PLEDGE Lite, PLEDGE, PLEDGE +) that offer companies different options based on their needs. Below are some of the features you can expect to see in the PLEDGE SAP Business One HR solution:

SAP Business One HR solution functionality – PLEDGE


Personnel Administration – Primary details

  • Work Life Events – hiring, organisational transfer, promotion, salary change, termination, retirement, re-hiring
  • Organisational Details – location, department, nature of employment, cost centre
  • Pay Grades and Pay Scales
  • Pay Scale Changes – percentage change, fixed amount change, with effective date

Personnel Administration – Employee Master Data

  • Personal Data, family & dependents, education details, qualifications, previous employment, basic salary, payments and deductions, banking, loans management, absence/attendance, change logs

Payroll – 1

  • Payroll Periods – payroll tracking per employee (include/exclude employee for payroll, manage employee specific payroll)
  • Payroll Areas – by location, department, organisation wide
  • Payroll Processing Controls – 4 statuses for payroll team to manage payroll, master data lock while payroll & posting process, closure of previous periods & next period
  • Employee Payslips – completely customisable, standard format available, sorting and selecting of payslips, generate any period’s payslip anytime
  • Automatic Arrears Processing –  track master changes for previous period, auto triggering of retro active calculation, retro differences paid in current period, accounting of any previously unaccounted periods

Payroll – 2

  • Calculation Basis – provident fund, professional tax, income tax
  • Wage Types – configure wage types as required (payment/deduction, one time/bonus/recurring, prorated payments for overtime)
  • Factoring & Pro-rating – mid-month joiners/mid-month leavers, loss of pay pro-rated appropriately
  • Leave Module Integration – all payroll relevant leave types integrated, leave balances captured in payroll, leave encashment payable through payroll

Reporting & other Tools

  • SAP Business One HR Reporting – wage type reports, loan reports, payroll journal
  • Statutory Forms & Reports – joiners & leavers, provident fund (form, pension, income tax, directors report & form
  • Authorization – user roles (access rights), module specific authorisations

Time Management

  • Holiday calender – factory calender, public holidays, single/multiple holiday calenders
  • Work Schedules – shift management, reports on employee availability, work pattern wizard
  • Time Quotas – absence & attendance, deductions & balances, quota deduction, effect on payroll (loss of pay), leave encashment
  • Time Recording – time sheet formats, integrate with payroll
  • Part time Employment – compensation for part time, payroll integration

Company Structures & Self Service

  • Company structures – organisational structure, hierarchy of departments, positions and job descriptions, dashboards and reports
  • Employee & Manager self service – leave access, payslip access, request for change of address, bank, etc.
  • Workflow – based on company structure, leave, appraisal (with/without organisation structure)

Performance Management

  • Appraisal Templates (descriptive) – training appraisals, self appraisal, appraiser review, feedback
  • Objective based templates – management by objectives, key resource areas, grading based on weightages and sorting
  • Portal based – access online appraisal forms, complete appraisal and submit
  • Workflow – appraisal (with/without organisation structure)


  • Applicant data (basic data) – key in primary details on applicant, unique file no. for tracking purposes
  • Vacant positions – read positions based on company structures
  • Events (applicant activity) – resume/CV/applicant entry in SAP. ranking and grading of applications, inform applicants on status on their application, invite for interviews, offer or reject contract

Learning Solution

  • Training management
  • Course catalogue – generate training catalog, set up scales for feedback of participants, allow employees to nominate themselves (workflow), allow training department to manage nominations & confirmations
  • Training calender – publishing of training calender (annual)
  • Workflow– approvals from managers on nomination of subordinates, approvals if the training involves costs