SAP Business One ISP Solution

Optimise your service delivery to improve customer satisfaction

Real-time service optimisation through platform integration

When you’re in the business of providing internet solutions to customers, you are not just providing a service – you are installing a life-line that connects that person to a virtual world of endless information. We live in a time characterised by technological changes where everything’s at the touch of a button and systems are integrated and instant. It has become the norm and if you don’t keep up, your business will fall behind.

Some key highlights of the ISP Solution are:


  • tracking field service agents
  • interacting with customers through a self-service portal
  • shortening estimated-time-of-service windows 
  • ensuring that technicians fix the issue at hand
  • placing orders for parts on the spot
  • improving scheduling and dispatching workflows

See the SAP Business One ISP Solution in action

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Customer satisfaction is a key driver for sustainable growth in a customer-driven market

In an industry dominated by small margins and technological advancements, customer relationship management is imperative to have the competitive advantage. Service excellence starts with building an organisational culture that revolves around customer satisfaction. Efficient customer relationship management results in an improved performance in operating margins and customer acquisition.


The smart technology we offer is adaptable, accessible, mobile and instant. It provides a completely transparent view of your business and assigns accountability to ensure that jobs are completed timeously. Data can now be entered on site, comments from customers can be noted and parts can be ordered on the spot through the mobile application. Turnaround times are advanced and resolutions are sorted quickly.


To stay ahead of the game in such a competitive industry, keeping your customers happy should be your biggest priority. Quick solutions to problems, transparency and self-service are the new measurements of success in the mind of customers. Our integrated Internet Service Provider solution allows you to manage every aspect of your business to maximise your profitability, reduce daily expenses and improve your service delivery.