SAP Business One for Manufacturers

Play the advantage, and improve your goal-conversion rate

Streamline operations, increase controls and improve business processes


Rapid technological changes are reshaping the manufacturing landscape. Automated systems and advanced production methods have been identified as critical factors to preparing South African businesses for the 4th industrial revolution. In the age of digitisation, manufacturers need new operating models to accommodate industrial automation, Big Data and advanced analytics and improved production methods such as 3D printers.

Automated and integrated workflow has immense benefits, such as real-time insights. Informed business decisions can now be made to manage stock and finances effectively – ensuring your plays are always better than your competitors.

For example, SAP Business One for Manufacturing will automatically detect when stock reaches the set warning threshold, and will then process an order to replenish the stock, send a notification to the finance component and issue purchase orders – all without any human intervention.  Technology can also help the manufacturing industry to understand customers better and get a clearer picture of not only what they want, but how often they want it and where they want it. Getting it right means greater profitability and loyal customers.

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Time to kick your old legacy systems to touch.

It’s time to prepare and implement software that can transform your business, team and bottom line. If not, your competitors might just run right over you before you can say “offside”.


Some of the key benefits of the SAP Business One Manufacturing Software include:

  • Reduced cost and increased scale of manufacturing through a comprehensive application that delivers all the core functionality needed to support your operations.
  • Executed compliance to industry, quality and regulatory standards with clear, transparent data throughout the supply chain.
  • Expanded business and customer base with opportunity management and CRM.
  • Proactive control of your business through automatic alerts, workflows, and response to key business events and customer needs.
  • Streamlined operations that seamlessly integrate key business processes.
  • Optimised inventory management enables you to track inventory levels and stock movements in real time to minimise out-of-stock situations, increase goods availability, and reduce inventory-carrying cost.
  • Automated systems to allow you to focus on innovation and product development to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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