Streamline projects from conceptualisation through to delivery


Protecting margins and ensuring that these predetermined profit margins are met are key priorities for project managers in engineering and manufacturing businesses. Therefore, effective project management and financial control is key to ensure that projects get completed on time using the budgeted resources.

With projects ranging from simple 1-day undertakings through to extremely complex assignments, businesses in this industry need to be attentive to the dynamic nature of their trade. The industry is constantly changing, and is shaped by forces such as technology innovations, machine automation, systems integration, precise material requirements planning for job costing, and the ever-increasing presence of the global village.

Do you want to manage the project lifecycle in a single solution?

SAP Business One Projects


In order to keep abreast of and capitalise on industry advancements, project-based businesses require a single, comprehensive, integrated, project management solution.  This makes it possible to accurately manage the entire project – from financial management, project planning and resourcing through to real-time insights, live budget tracking, and inventory control, which frees up valuable time that could be used for strategising and growing the business.

SAP Business One Projects is an easy-to-use project management solution that seamlessly integrates information, work flows and resources between different departments. This web-based application ensures that everyone is on the same page, as team members have access to real-time inter-departmental information at their fingertips.

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Some of the key benefits of SAP Business One Projects are:


  • Project planning: Sophisticated and comprehensive project and business management in a practical browser-based application.
  • Resource Management: Track project activities, tickets, time and expenses in a single project management solution.
  • Project Management: Track project status and budget progress in real-time on each project to identify potential issues before they occur.
  • Project Accounting: All related costs are captured by linking direct labour and expenses to the projects they impact. Real-time reports and dashboards enables you to easily track expenses in relation to the project budget.
  • Business Intelligence: Effectively and proactively analyse and manage your business and individual projects using real-time dashboards and reports. Potential overruns can be easily identified early to avoid profit loss and unhappy customers.

“Tighter controls in critical business processes, better reporting, increased transparency in terms of system changes and insight to where the business is going benefited us greatly.”

Peter Laubscher, IT Systems & Telecommunications Manager, MTU South Africa.

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