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Purchasing Processes in SAP Business One demo

Request for Tendering

SAP Business One provides your business with the tools that it needs to handle your procurement process. A wizard guides you through the process of requesting quotations from your suppliers via the Web before managing their responses and your final decision.

Purchase order

SAP Business One enables users to order materials or services from suppliers. These orders update the available quantity of the ordered items and inform the warehouse manager of the expected delivery date. Users can split a single purchase order into multiple parts when, for example, items need to be shipped to multiple warehouses. The split or revisions are required so that different packing slips and delivery notes can be created for each shipment. Each line item within a purchase order or an accounts payable (A/P) voucher can be shipped to, or specified as, a different warehouse location.

Goods receipt purchase order

This function allows users to receive a delivery at the warehouse or allocate deliveries to multiple warehouses.Goods receipts may be linked to a purchase order and users can change the purchase order quantity versus the actual received quantity.

Goods returns

Supplier returns for repair or without credit can be handled using the goods returns document.

A/P invoice

When processing supplier invoices, SAP Business One also creates a journal entry. This information can be used to process subsequent payments to the supplier.

A/P credit memo

Through this function, the solution lets users issue a credit memo to the supplier for returned merchandise. The required data can easily be imported from the original invoice, as it is with any other sales and purchasing document.

Landed costs

SAP Business One enables users to calculate the purchase price of imported merchandise. They can allocate the various landed cost elements (such as freight, insurance and customs duties) to the Freight on Board (FOB) costs of each item, updating its actual warehouse value.

Document drafts

This feature allows printing, editing and management of all purchasing documents that have been saved as drafts.

Document printing

This function helps users print all sales and purchasing documents. Users can

Purchase Orders in SAP Business One