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SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an affordable, comprehensive solution that provides functionality for the core process you need to run your entire business. Unlike niche solutions, SAP Business One supports integrated management functions, including financials, sales management, CRM, inventory management, production, reporting and more, without the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules.  It’s quick to install, and more important, straightforward to maintain and use.

SAP Business One is supported by a large network of implementation partners like Bluekey – and of particular importance – by solution partners who develop and support solution extensions for SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Solutions, or add-ons, create industry solutions with proven functionality that addresses the unique business processes of specific industries and come with tools and methodologies that enable rapid, reliable implementations to minimize time and costs.

SAP Business One Solutions Distributor

Aloe Rock LogoAloe Rock Technology is a technology company that works with software solution partners (SSP’s) and VAR’s to deliver the very best global software solutions for SAP Business One and other enterprise resource planning systems. Our comprehensive industry specific solutions incorporate end-to-end best practice for retail, clothing, footwear, production, and project-driven businesses. We also represent a growing number of productivity solutions which provide immediate value add to a business.  These include solutions for e-commerce, business portals, mobility (sales, service) and business intelligence.

SAP Business One Solutions:


SAP HANA for SAP Business One has the functionality to help you transform your business into a real-time enterprise. You can take advantage of high-speed analysis of all your business information to get the answers you need right away. From analyzing product categories to resource planning for batch manufacturing, business transactions are available for analysis the second they are completed. You can also deliver relevant data into SAP Business One screens using pervasive analytics.

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Oil and Gas

A large amount of foreign investment has been injected into the East African oil and gas industry as a result of recent offshore discoveries and government policies for monetising the region’s reserve. These changes have positioned East Africa as the next lucrative international oil and gas market. SAP Business One Oil and Gas is a proven ‘best practice’ solution for companies whose core focus is on the import, export, distribution, and marketing of oil and gas products.

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As a retailer, you know that the retail business isn’t just about selling a product at the lowest price. SAP Business One gives you that competitive edge you need.

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If you are like many other NGO’s, your work day is full of spreadsheets, complications, following up with case workers and employees and controlling processes. As your NGO grows, so do the challenges associated with managing its time, financials, budgets and projects. SAP Business One has been customised to meet the specific goals and requirements of NGO’s.

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Large Enterprises (Subsidiary Integration)

The continuous drive to reduce costs in inter-company trade, and through the supply chain, drives much of the integration effort in information systems today. Integration is a challenge though – requiring deep IT expertise, long implementation times and high-levels of maintenance. So running incompatible systems across the business network is no longer viable. SAP Business One bridges that gap and provides seamless integration.

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Wholesalers and distributors must be constantly looking to optimise their stock holding and make their internal processes, from sales to shipping, purchasing to warehouse management, as streamlined and effective as possible, which is possible with SAP Business One.

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SAP Business One has easy to use manufacturing capabilities as standard, extensions for process industries or advanced manufacturing.

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SAP Business One for Agriculture is ideal for co-operatives looking to consolidate all of their business within a single, modern business management solution.

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SAP Business One for Chemical Companies is the solution for all chemical businesses; with existing application in paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, cosmetics, primary and speciality chemicals.

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Bluekey have created solution SAP Business One packs for the Electronics industry based on best practice implementations at major electronics manufacturers and distributors in South Africa.

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SAP Business One for Food Industries is the solution for all food businesses; with existing applications in flavours, spices, oils, food processing, baking, seafood, importing, food distribution and more.

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Consulting Companies

More and more companies are choosing to use a project management solution that is tightly integrated with ERP as a comprehensive solution in the consulting and software industry.

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