SAP Business One for Agricultural Co-operatives

There’s no denying that Agricultural Cooperatives have several complex business requirements. These requirements need, ideally, to be addressed in a single integrated business management system. SAP Business One for Agriculture can do just that, one bite at a time. Bluekey have configured the solution to run the whole gamut: SAP Business One will allow you to sell fertilizer to the farmer from the trading store located almost in the middle of nowhere.

Need to calculate and apply interest across a range of accounts for that farmer? Check. How about fixing his tractor in the workshop with exact part and labour cost tracking? No problem. Can SAP Business One manage silos and commodity contracts? Of course! Optimise stockholdings? Sure. Provide web reports to the techno-savvy member farmer? It’s in the box.

Despite all this existing functionality in SAP Business One for Agricultural Cooperatives, it still allows for high levels of configuration and customization. After all, despite all the similarities within the industry every co-operative is nonetheless still unique.

SAP Business One for Agriculture is ideal for co-operatives looking to consolidate all of their business within a single, modern business management solution.

The solution provides complete support for:

  • Financials
  • Integrating and automating processes across sales, manufacturing, finance, and operations – and with your point and front office operations
  • Managing sales, production, and purchase orders
  • Inventory planning
  • Material requirements planning for multilevel production processes
  • Workshop and maintenance management
  • Point of Sale with deep functionality for Agricultural Co-ops
  • Grain system with contracts

The solution provides real-time visibility and reporting on materials and stock across the supply chain. It also integrates to 3rd party systems such as weighbridges, clock card systems, fuel systems and pallet tracking systems. So if you are looking for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for Agriculture, you should consider SAP Business One.


  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency with a comprehensive application that delivers all the core functionality needed to support your operations
  • Optimize inventory through better resource planning and production management
  • Enhance customer service and order fulfillment
  • Reduce stock-holding with inventory planning, make to order and efficient raw material management
  • Accurate Stock costing and GP management – Moving average costing of inventory, finished well and WIP (or standard/ FIFO). Multiple, complex price lists including specials, contract pricing, volume and date driven pricing, and pricing based on chain store operating procedures
  • Proactive control – through automatic alerts (e.g. Notifications on item expiry dates), workflows (for example, management approvals on documents before committing), and response to key business events and customer needs. Get out of the reactive, time-consuming “fire drills”