SAP Business One Business Management

Effectively manage all areas of your business with SAP Business One business management

Fully integrated ERP with SAP Business One Business Management

Drawing upon 35 years of experience in developing business management software, SAP built SAP Business One from the ground up – exclusively to meet the changing and industry-specific needs of SME’s.


It’s more than just accounting; SAP Business One business management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software brings sales, financial management, banking, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, and customer relationship management all under one integrated, flexible and responsive system. Used by more than 30,000 customers worldwide, it’s an affordable way to improve your business processes and reduce costs.


With SAP Business One, you can instantaneously access critical data that provides a complete and up-to-the-minute view of your business – so you can respond to customers faster and focus on growing your business more profitably.

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SAP Business One Business Management Features

  • SAP Business One offers a robust base system with powerful core functionality, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), manufacturing, and finance capabilities. The application includes primary work processes as well as country-specific localizations, such as legal, currency, and financial requirements for use in any given country
  • Solution Extensions created by business partners, who are experts in their fields, extend SAP Business One to address the specific needs of key industries and sectors. SAP Business One is configurable and provides for easy customisation and integration
  • The SAP Business One application resides on a single server that integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Windows network. Using a Win32-based, 2 tier, client-server architecture, SAP Business One secures peak performance and leverages your existing network for maximum efficiency. It includes security, backup, and network access protocols
  • In the SAP Business One environment, you can utilize standard database backup procedures, easily saving and transferring the database to another machine and providing immediate access to critical business information. The streamlined SAP Business One architecture supports Microsoft SQL

SAP Business One Business Management Benefits:

  • Expand your business and customer base – with Opportunity management, web-based CRM and e-commerce capabilities. A complete customer view across sales, distribution, and financials helps you uncover new ways to serve your customers faster and better
  • Take proactive control – of your business through automatic alerts, workflows, and respond quickly to key business events and customer needs. Get out of the reactive, time-consuming “fire drills”
  • Streamline your operations – by seamlessly integrating key business processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and financials together – out-of-the-box, eliminating redundant data entries and errors
  • Adapt to your changing needs – with easy-to-use customization tools to tailor SAP Business One to fit your specific business needs and individual user preferences
  • Rapid ROI – SAP Business One is quick to implement, and increases productivity and control for enhanced profitability
  • Best practice industry solutions – within SAP Business One as standard or through third party solution extensions give smaller business the same depth of functionality enjoyed by their much larger competitors