Multiple Unit of Measure in SAP Business One 9.0

Multiple Unit of Measure (UoM) features and enhancements


SAP Business One 9.0 provides a high degree of flexibility to your management of products in multiple unit of measure (UoM). The Multiple UoM feature enables you to sell, purchase, receive and ship products in any UoM that your business needs, and to define default UoMs for various types of transactions. All sales and purchasing documents support items with multi-UoM definitions.

The highlights of this new SAP Business One 9.0 feature are as follows:

  • Unlimited global and product-specific UoMs
  • Setup of UoM groups with conversion rules between base UoMs and alternative UoMs within the groups
  • These UoM groups are used in item master data, marketing documents, and inventory documents
  • Default sales UoMs, purchasing UoMs, inventory UoMs, and automatic conversion to other applicable UoMs in transaction processing
  • Related enhancement of packaging, bar code and pricing functions:
    • Package settings for multiple UoMs are incorporated into item master data and are used in sales documents to recommend the number of packages
    • For an item using multiple UoMs, you can define multiple bar codes and different prices for each of its UoMs

Note that production transactions are processed in a single inventory UoM.