SAP Business One for Project Industries


The SAP Business One solution for project industries offers an unparalleled combination of functionality for organizations which manage some or most of their business as projects. This tried and tested solution has been designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of these organizations. The result is a flexible and tightly integrated system, perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of project driven companies.

SAP Business One for Project industries is well suited to a wide range of industries and companies, and is particularly applicable for mixed-mode companies where only part of their business is project based. In fact mixed-mode companies are very prevalent and are a great fit for SAP Business One for Project industries. Companies with a combination of trade, service and projects require a broad base of functionality in an integrated and easy to use system. Read More…

Functionality of SAP Business One for Project Industries

  • Project planning – graphical integrated Gantt chart with simultaneous insight into capacity and material requirements. Material deliveries are linked with project activities and are directly visible in the project plan
  • Capacity planning – graphical-based capacity planning. Using drag & drop, activities and hours in the project plan can be allocated directly to resources (employees and machines)
  • Quotation controls & Sales – improve the process of quoting and managing projects in your sales process. Ensure an accurate available-to-promise by adding a quote to a project plan to see the impact on machines and labour
  • Job costing – direct access to projected margin, planned-vs.-actual budgets, and WIP. Extensive drill-down options to activities, material and labour. Up-to-date insight to the status of the project, progress, and WIP
  • Accounting & Invoicing – extensive invoice schemas supported, including down payments and progress billing. Invoices can be linked to milestones, activities or scheduled to specific dates
  • Time registration – booking of direct and indirect hours in time sheets with real-time roll-up to project costing the Gantt chart. Data input can also be achieved remotely via a computer browser or select PDA devices
  • Procurement & Inventory – comprehensive material planning and procurement functionality. Materials can be linked to project activities or milestones to provide just-in-time purchasing. Support of project-based procurement and multiple warehouses
  • Financial administration – completely integrated financial administration that is fed from all other relevant components of the software solution. Combined with flexible and extensive financial reporting
  • CRM – robust and easy to use CRM functionality providing opportunity management and a central database for sales, marketing and service. A single customer database fully integrated with quotes, orders and all other relevant data.

Benefits of SAP Business One for Project industries

  • Fast estimating – create new projects from templates or by copying prior projects. Quickly develop a cost budget and selling price
  • Accurate budget vs. actual – labour and material costs are accurately and quickly reflected in every project
  • Gantt chart for project planning – plan your new project with a real-time interactive gantt chart showing all constraints and dependencies, combined with material requirements, labour, milestones, invoicing and delivery dates
  • Capacity planning of departments, labour and machines – customize your departments, labour and machines to display your real-time capacity. Overlay your project plan with your department capacity to ensure you have resources available
  • Accurate available-to-promise – project planning integrated with capacity planning so available-to-promise can be quickly and reliably determined
  • Just-in-time material planning – schedule material requirements to specific activities and phases of the project plan. Purchase and production can be ordered just in time
  • Reliable deliveries – effective project planning fully integrated with material planning and capacity ensures that projects are completed and delivered on time
  • Increasing project margins – accurate estimating, real-time visibility into costs, combined with integrated project & capacity planning ensures that project margins remain healthy and variances can be quickly identified
  • Milestone billing – schedule invoicing to coincide with the completion of a project phase or activity. Down payments, time & materials, or percentage of completion invoicing
  • Web-based labour reporting – Labour hours can be recording by project activity, and input by local computer or by a web browser for remote users

SAP Business One for Project industries in 8 steps…

Step 1: Define your project

Easily create new projects from scratch, or copy from templates or other projects. Copy prior hours, materials, planning constraints, billing-scheme and attachments. Easily adjust hours, materials, and prices as needed to quickly create an overall project budget.

Step 2: Plan your project

With one click you can quickly view and plan your new project with a real-time interactive Gantt chart displaying all constraints and dependencies, combined with material requirements, labour, milestones, invoicing and delivery dates. Overlay your project plan with your departmental capacity to ensure you have resources available and a reliable “available-to-promise”.

Step 3: Price your Project

After developing a project budget you can quickly price and quote your project by using the extensive and flexible price lists within SAP Business One. Or simply add an uplift margin to material and labour costs, or to the overall project cost. Using this estimate you can automatically generate a quote and create a sales order

Step 4: Work Assignment

Using an intuitive “drag and drop” planning screen you can easily and quickly allocate project activities to departments, sub-departments, machines and people, all fully customized for your organization. The result is clear and dependable insight into your resource utilization and a solid basis for creating work orders.

Step 5: Material Management

Plan your material requirements on a project basis. Any project can include individual material components and pre-defined BOMs, all combined to create a project BOM which also can be adjusted. Material can be assigned to specific project activities to enable just-in-time planning and purchasing. Create material recommendations for a single project or combine multiple projects. All material requirements, PO’s and production orders are visible in the interactive Gantt chart.

Step 6: Time registration and control

Record and book time by project, activity and work type. Remote users can even input their time via a web browser. Time can be approved and booked to a project where it will immediately show up as “actual” hours in the project budget and thereby enable real-time insight into budget-vs-actual. Actual booked hours are also immediately displayed in the project Gantt chart.

Step 7: Project Invoicing

Easily establish a billing method for the project. Down payments, percentage of completion, milestone, or time & materials are supported. Invoices can be tied to the completion of a project activity and milestone, or prompted on a specific date. All ensuring that your invoices are generated promptly to maximize your on-time collections.

Step 8: Project financial controls

Every project has a screen for Budget vs. Actual and Work-in-Process which will keep track of any financial changes to a project. For each project activity or phase you have clear and updated insight into planned and actual costs, project margin, work-in-progress and budget to go. You will always have up-to-date control over the financial health of your projects and your project margin!

Download the SAP Business One  Project Industry brochure