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“We have improved our cash flow by improving collections by more than 30%. This was achievable through alerts of invoices due in 15 days, allowing us to plan follow-up calls well in advance.” Sunil Bhatt, Director, Majestic Printing Works.


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“The system, although delivering on our requirement for standardization, is highly customizable, allowing it to be easily-aligned to the specific tax requirements of each country we operate in.” Rafael Fernandes, Group Financial Director, AEL Mining Services

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“Whereas I previously had to spend hours compiling spreadsheets to reflect sales budgets versus actuals, per sales area—fifteen spreadsheets per month plus a consolidated sheet—all I know have to do is literally click a butting and the reports are on hand.” Tienie Jordaan, Financial Director, Coopers Environmental Science.

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“At a click of a button, we now have all the business intelligence we require, allowing us to focus outwards on growing the business instead of expending effort on unnecessary internal processes like reconciliations.” Rafrurik McKaiser, CEO, The Phoenix Group

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“Tighter controls in critical business processes, better reporting, increased transparency in terms of system changes and insight to where the business is going benefited us greatly.” Peter Laubscher, IT Systems & Telecommunications Manager, MTU South Africa.