Feeling the year-end crunch? Systems holding you back?

Using process and system automation along with data accessibility to improve productivity and minimise year-end pains.

Year-end is inevitable. Stock counting, financial consolidations, budgets and planning are never a great deal of fun but something that every business HAS to do. Whether your year-end relates to taxes, personnel, stock, financials, future budgets or reviews, having the correct business management systems and processes in place will dramatically increase the ease with which year-end tasks are completed.

“The most powerful thing about SAP Business One is the serial number tracking aspect of the system. So we’re able to go back and look at the history of any item. We can literally track the product from the beginning to the end”

Wynand Langehoven
CEO of Peripheral Vision

Want to find out how systems can streamline year-end processes?

What are the main areas to simplify year-end activities?

Roles & Responsibilities

When a lot needs to happen in short amount of time then businesses often feel flustered and make mistakes that lead to overtime, duplicate efforts and blame. Having the correct system allows for effortless and centralised assignment of roles and tasks for increased control, workflow and accountability – something the drives year-end efficacy.

Financial consolidation

Integrating departments and information sources into a central location allows for much simpler consolidation of financials. With accounting-only systems, businesses tend to have to rely on spreadsheets, budgets and reports from managers and department heads that are time consuming to populate and maintain and could contain errors.

Intelligent inventory tracking & planning

When the correct business systems are in place, year-end inventory tracking, stock takes and product line forecasts are a breeze. The main reason behind this is that systems enforce year-round discipline for ongoing accuracy and maintenance, not something that happen on a quarterly or annual basis and catches you by surprise.

Simplified custom reporting

Year-end is traditionally filled with report after report, but what if all those reports could be interpreted to give you a real-time view with data-driven forecasts? An integrated business management system allows business owners to customise their reporting set and configure dashboards to present only the information that is relevant.