BatchMaster for SAP Business One

BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One extends SAP Business One to provide the full functionality required by process or recipe based manufacturers while retaining the power of the native SAP Business One in distribution, operations and finance.  This has application for producers and manufacturers of Food and Beverage, Paint and Coatings, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.

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Formulation – BatchMaster for SAP Business One provides comprehensive multi-level formulation management with substitution, version tracking and rollback capabilities. Formulas are scalable and materials can be measured in any defined unit of measure. Production yields can be assigned to any formula. BatchMaster is formula and not BOM based, with ingredients added by prescribed proportions measured by either volume or weight.

Laboratory – brings the speed, power, and reliability of computerized formulation to your chemists and technicians. The module is comprehensive & flexible enough to meet your specific needs, no matter what types of products you manufacture.

Production Management – Production batches can be defined as either a finished good or an intermediate. You can size a batch based upon a finished weight or volume or the availability of component materials. Batches can be defined as Fill (bulk to containers), Mix (raw materials and intermediates to finished goods) and Assembly (combination of finished goods to make up a deliverable product). A “critical materials” facility allows you to inquire if any material shortages will interfere with production.

Lot Traceability – BatchMaster for SAP Business One provides complete lot traceability – you can follow an item from incoming raw material to the finished good sent to a specific customer. Lot tracking is used for both purchased items and manufactured items. You can choose from several lot issue methods and create custom serial and lot numbers for any item.

Compliance- Material safety data sets are entirely automated. Linked to formulas, an MSDS is automatically generated when a formula enters production for the first time or for the first time for a given customer.

“What-if” Product Costing – BatchMaster Manufacturing maintains a true perpetual inventory on a real-time basis, with the immediate update of both quantities and costs. The Costing module in BatchMaster for SAP Business One is for theoretical or “What-if” costing, providing sophisticated, precise calculations based on all factors that affect product cost – including labour, overhead, loss, and more.

Quality Control – BatchMaster for SAP Business One Quality Control features help you to specify target values, control limits and maximum allowable defects. This flexible approach harnesses the QC tests as they are created and defined and allows for a range of test types.

Production and Purchase Planning (MPS) – Master production schedule analyses ‘Demand’ from open production orders, Sales Orders and Forecasts entered. Creates a production plan to meet expected customer delivery dates or anticipated demand for in-stock inventory.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – Once a production plan is firmed up, use MRP to create purchase orders. Picks demand from Firm planned MPS orders, open production batches, Sales orders & Forecasts. Transfer a confirmed MRP purchase order to SAP Business One purchase order.