CISTECH for SAP Business One

SAP Business One combined with Cistech Serious-about-Retail point-of-sale provides complete front and back office functionality for retailers. Cistech CSAR is the integrated point-of-sale solution for SAP Business One.

At head-office managers decide stocking and pricing policies, and maintain master data. Store managers have complete control of task, processes and activities within the store, ranging from purchase orders, stock receipt and transfers, cycle counts and stock take.  CSAR is a reliable, full-featured, secure, highly configurable and easy to use POS solution that integrates fully to SAP Business One.  Integration is as real-time as your infrastructure allows; it’s flexible enough to exchange data anywhere from once a minute to once a day.

CSAR is currently in use at businesses as diverse as supermarkets, factory outlets, discount warehouses, plant nurseries, agricultural co-operatives, wine estate tasting rooms, restaurants and FMCG.

Master data is maintained in SAP Business One with automatic replication which means only one set of data needs to be maintained reducing error and increasing.

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  • Fully integrated – POS and back-office systems are fully integrated.  Transactions supported include sales (invoices), credit notes, purchase orders, goods receipts, goods issue, incoming payments and cash journals. Prints barcode and shelf labels on receipt.
  • Easy to add industry specific requirements – e.g. VAT processing for co-ops, weighbridges, scales, clocking, fuel pumps, security cameras etc.
  • Security – highly secure; with authorisation levels and reconciliations. Cash up and cash-up controls.
  • Robust – robust, scalable, proven software environment. Operates with most industry standard hardware and devices. Stand-alone POS design eliminates single point of failure.
  • Loyalty scheme and lay-by support
  • Design ergonomics – designed for rapid entry of sales transactions.  Minimal training required.


  • One source of the truth – eliminate duplicate data entry and multiple barcodes and sku’s for the same site.  Master data is maintained at head-office and replicated to stores.
  • Accurate pricing – pricing is maintained at head-office level and pushed out to each store.  Supports promotions, specials, discounts, volume pricing.
  • Alerts – monitor and manage transaction based on business rule adherence, and force additional authorisation. Protects margin.
  • Up-to-date view of the business – accurate view at head-office of each stores performance and inventory levels.  Accounts reflect up-to-date store transactions.
  • Payment management – quicker, safer, reliable, more efficient cash handling and credit card transactions
  • Increased productivity – and reduced overhead burden means overall greater profitability.