Valogix for SAP Business One

Valogix provides automated planning tools that improve your inventory investment and reduce the amount of time required to maintain proper inventory levels. By automatically forecasting, replenishing, and optimising you can manage your inventory more efficiently; and meet the demands of customers and suppliers at lower costs.

Valogix works hand-in-hand with SAP Business One. Valogix Inventory Planner is tightly integrated to SAP Business One and manages an unlimited number of items and locations. Users have instant visibility to the Master warehouse, to field stock, and everything in between. The proprietary planning engine efficiently plans for each item\location combination based on its unique characteristics. For example, a regional warehouse replenishes lower level and field locations; therefore, it is both a supplier and warehouse location. This allows Valogix to handle different lead times, costs, and other variables for more precise planning with SAP Business One.




  • Automated forecasting uses unique qualifier that selects best forecasting method for every item
  • System calculates a rolling 12 months forecast
  • Seasonal and cyclical patterns are accounted for
  • Valogix forecasting algorithms handle slow moving, random demand items easily
  • The system dynamically evaluates inventory for changes in demand
  • Alerts warn you of potential problems before they happen
  • Excess and inactive inventory are immediately identified
  • Parameters are User defined and are easily changed as needed
  • Automated planning for all warehouses, retail stores and other network locations
  • Optimization re-balances mix to reduce costs and increase service
  • Approved replenishment orders automatically populate Purchase Orders, Production Orders, or Transfers